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Comment: Interesting Redirect in place (Score 1) 81

by X!0mbarg (#48635659) Attached to: Anyone Can Now Launch Their Own Version of the Pirate Bay

After looking at some of the older links I had to the Original Pirate Bay, I noticed that there is a redirect in place from some of them.

It points to This Site: http://thepiratebay.com.ua/

Not sure if this is official, or simply someone managing to make a play for the domain, but I thought it was interesting that there are folks redirecting traffic to their websites already.

Is this becoming more common, or is TPB in danger of becoming co-opted?

Comment: McD's been doing it for years (Score 4, Informative) 122

by X!0mbarg (#48590749) Attached to: Canada Waives Own Rules, Helps Microsoft Avoid US Visa Problems

Until recently, McDonalds and Tim Horton's in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) have been doing this sort of thing for years. Usually in the form of 'minority hiring' that shuns the citizenry. They got their hands smacked soundly over it, and now are being watched like a hawk.

URL Reference here:

Now Microsoft is going to do it en masse, taking away the positions from Canadian citizens that have been training here...

There will be a reckoning over this one.

Comment: You Think? (Score 1) 488

by X!0mbarg (#48024951) Attached to: Energy Utilities Trying To Stifle Growth of Solar Power

Now, why on earth would the next big Monopoly ever think of stifling their next wave of competition before it can get any traction?

Oh, wait. They're TERRIFIED of people getting Free Energy that comes from the Sun (or wind, or water, or geothermal sources) and them not getting even Fatter than they are!

Sooner or later, Hybrid/Electric cars will be "skinned" with solar collection "stuff" so that, while sitting in the sun during your typical work day, it can at least trickle charge its own batteries. Maybe even have employee parking spots with charging stations connected to larger solar arrays for the same purpose: charge while working.

I'm already disappointed by the lack of solar proliferation, let alone there not being more windmills popping up like urban dandelions. Kind of like the proliferation of satellite dishes that dot rooftops like urban mushrooms.

Eventually, such solar and wind collection will become required in any and all new structures.

If Big Energy wants a piece of the pie, all they really need to do is start manufacturing the components, and continue to maintain a power grid for sharing the ebb and flow of it all. Besides, they sit on the Dark Net anyway. If they fear anything else, it will be the lack of a window into peoples appliances (and TV/Entertainment Centers) to sell the data to the highest bidder (or Big Brother)...

Just Sayin'

Comment: Just wait 'til the Insurance Companies get it! (Score 5, Insightful) 130

The rates will likely skyrocket to near-Canadian rate levels, and there might be a change in Speeding Ticket-Issuing technologies that could (conceivably) issue live warnings and even Tickets based on telemetry and other live info...

Imagine getting caught up in a construction or accident re-direct, and their being a batch of auto-tickets issued for using the wrong lane(s) or traveling on a closed section of road! People won't really be able to fight a live-issued ticked based on in-vehicle speed data after all because it's going to come form your own speedometer and correlated with satellite tracking for accuracy.

Talk about a Revenue Stream! Who needs a Speed Trap, when your Vehicle will issue you a ticket directly.

Government will simply mandate it, and it Will Be So.

Mark my words...

Comment: Aren't all the airlines complaining about usage? (Score 1) 819

by X!0mbarg (#47845895) Attached to: 3 Recent Flights Make Unscheduled Landings, After Disputes Over Knee Room

I was of the impression that most of the airlines were all bemoaning the low traffic, driving up the costs of flying because "nobody is flying anymore". If that is the case, why are they not making flight a more appealing option to draw more passengers? Cramming more passengers into an already uncomfortable situation will be the last thing to draw more customers.
Besides, are planes really over-booked per flight? Aren't most flights running at less that capacity, or don't they leave the ground if they aren't full?

Want to get a bit of better rates? Have the airlines offer a discount to "light travelers" who have a minimum of luggage or even body mass. Not trying to poke at the physically larger folks, but isn't it more expensive per pound to transport such a passenger? Can the airlines not charge by weight, and let people have more room if they're at weight capacity, but volume of the cabin is underutilized? Children should be really inexpensive to transport, as they're lighter AND take up less room.

Is the trend to simply drive people to scrap over limited seats on larger planes to drive up prices while they optimize their profits by over-packing people into such limited space?

It's bad enough that they've convinced the masses that full body searches, cramped space and intolerant travel-mates are the expected norm for anyone less than affluent enough to travel first class. Perhaps an all-seats-equal type business model might make a better travel experience. Do away with the whole first class section in a design, spread out the space and work out the price-per person based on such a level paying field and see what the profitability would look like. Consequently, have certain units set aside as "First Class Only" flights, with all seats to match. They only get used when there's enough people to utilize them, and they'd likely be smaller craft, anyway. More efficient that way...

If the FAA gets involved, would that be the "perfect reason" the airlines would use to hike the rates again, because of "lost revenue" due to the reduced seating capacity?

Bottom line: If you want to fly, be prepared for the experience! If you can't fly first class, you'd best expect a cramped flight with grumpy neighbors, poor food, and no room to use your precious laptop as boredom repellant.

Book your flight based on things like creature comforts. If the airline doesn't offer what you consider a bare minimum, DON'T Use them! Vote with your Money! If enough people did that, the airlines would Have to accommodate, or go broke in a hurry! Be willing to pay for what you want, or Not pay for a bad experience!

After all, they are providing a service. If you don't like, or are unwilling to suffer through what they offer, find another provider that offers better. If the providers slim down, you can always choose alternate methods of travel.

Ever tried a Bus over the holidays? Might not be as bad as you think...

Comment: A Progression of Complaints (Score 4, Interesting) 190

by X!0mbarg (#47567449) Attached to: UK To Allow Driverless Cars By January

Once they start to roll, there will be a logical progression of complaints, starting with "They're too slow."
Next will be "They're blocking traffic flow/causing traffic jams."
Possibly among the next bunch of complaints:
"They move erratically/unpredictably"
"They wait too long at/stop too soon for traffic lights"

Most of the complaints will revolve around the simple fact that the autonomous cars will be driving 100% according to the rules of the road, and 95+% of the remaining drivers don't. Things like stopping for yellow lights, driving at the actual speed limit, slowing for merging traffic, properly signalling turns and lane-changes, etc.

In the end, the autonomous cars will reduce traffic jams, as they can intelligently travel in clusters, all in communication with each other, and even vary their routes for volume, all while staying moving at a reasonable clip.

The problem will come in when people deliberately try to mess with them, forcing them into emergency maneuvers by cutting them off for exits (for example), or cutting in front and slamming on the breaks (road rage).

Here's hoping they are outfitted with outward-facing cameras for recording such acts of stupidity.

Comment: Did Someone Coat it something? (Score 1) 415

by X!0mbarg (#47399791) Attached to: Police Using Dogs To Sniff Out Computer Memory

...hidden four layers deep in a tin box inside a metal cabinet

Seriously? Was it treated with something that make it smell like a dog-treat?

This is a strong case for Liquid Ass. A couple drops, then wrap the drive in a pair of undies, or something.

That's some strong nose that doggie has! Good thing they didn't have a case of blank media, or something.

Comment: And so, it begins... (Score 2) 376

by X!0mbarg (#47208751) Attached to: Theater Chain Bans Google Glass

First, the the Alamo, then there will be others.

After all, we can't have people wearing active recording devices into an area where they charge money to play copyright protected media to a limited audience, can we?

Besides, if you were sitting here in a typical theater with a smart phone in a little tripod-thingy recording the movie, you could reasonably expect to get in trouble, if spotted by any staff members, right?

So, how long before we see anal-retentive stars at ComiCon who charge an arm and a leg for a pic, setting their body-guards on Google Glass-wearing attendees for "stealing" pics/video of them at the Con? Next we'll see Google Glass Banned from such conventions...

Where does it end?

Comment: Changing Laws to Comform to Behaviour (Score 1) 490

Shouldn't it be the other way around?

Looks like people are simply trying to adjust the law structure to what most bicyclists have been doing for decades anyway.

Simply changing these laws won't help traffic flow any. The accidents caused by such actions have a negative effect on traffic as it is. All this does is ease insurance cases, and place the burden of responsibility on the larger vehicle, kind of like what has already happened to big trucks. It doesn't matter one bit what actually happened. Unless you can "prove it in court", the blame always falls on the big truck, and only if it's really obvious does the police force look at the car.

Shame society can't remove someones' right to use a bicycle in public due to their reckless driving practices.

Doesn't the law see them as vehicles already? Or are they still seen as pedestrians in many places?

If you can't use the roads in a safe and responsible manner, you shouldn't be on them with a vehicle.

ANY Vehicle.

Tinker with the laws for bicycles, and you'll see the unregistered all-electric scooters (who do the same things as bikes, such as roll through stop signs, and maybe pause at red lights) following suit as if they're immune to the laws of the road,

You want to see improvement?

How about proper education in the first place, followed up by proper enforcement.

If a driver (any driver of any vehicle) is operating in a safe and intelligent manner while sharing the road with other like-minded souls, traffic wouldn't be a serious issue, because sharing the road wouldn't be a problem.

Sharing the road seems to be the problem in the first place. Bicycle lanes haven't eased the problem much, as most cyclists wander randomly in and out of them whenever they want. Cars use them to scoot around turning vehicles, or to cut a corner at a red light. It's only as if we've just widened the roads to try and accommodate driver behaviour as it is already.

Again. Modifying laws to behaviour is the wrong direction.

Too bad education doesn't seem to work...

"Well, if you can't believe what you read in a comic book, what *can* you believe?!" -- Bullwinkle J. Moose