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Comment: Re: Better Idea (Score 1) 64

by WyldPhyr (#47791999) Attached to: Robot Printer Brings Documents To Your Desk

I don't know why they haven't thought of that. A printer that e-mails the printed paper. But the whole point of this is to be secure so after the paper is scanned, it needs to be shredded. As long as the e-mail is secure. But the fundamental problem is when you are printing something, you usually have it as a file and you want a physical copy.

Comment: The Right Person for the Job (Score 1) 593

I support equal opportunity employers. That being said, I belive that we sould not hire someone for PR reasons. You should not discriminate someone because they are black, but you shouldn't hire them for that reason alone either. If a white male, and an African-american female apply for a job, and the white male is hired because he is better qualified, that is not racist or sexist, it is just selecting the better candidate for the job. Now this should also work the other way around as well. We should not be hiring based on gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or disabilities. We should hire based on qualifications (as well as a few other factors).

Comment: Tools and Teachers (Score 1) 310

Computers are tools. They are becoming more and more a part of our life. To use them well, don't use them as replacements for teachers, use them to learn about the computers; to control them. The problem isn't the computers, it's how we use them. I know I don't learn as well from a program as from a live teacher who reacts and responds, sees if you get it, and answers your questions. The point is that good teachers are better than machines at teaching, but computers are an important tool.

If it's not in the computer, it doesn't exist.