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Comment Re: Ok. (Score 1) 568

No this is like walking into a shop to browse, getting screeched at to buy shit and leaving with gonorrhoea. Then they have the gall to accuse people who wear ear defenders and condoms thieves.

And if that ever happened, would you come back in full body armor or would you just stay the hell away?

Comment Re: Ok. (Score 3, Informative) 568

How is selling ads "abusing" them?

How is using *my* electricity, risking *my* computer's integrity, distracting *my* attention for *your* profit not abusing *my* resources?

This is like entering into a cage fight and then complaining about getting hurt. Noone makes you go to an ad-supported website and read their content. They aren't using your resources, you are using your own resources (and theirs) everytime you read their content. If you don't like it, stop reading their content but don't complain that they want to support the writers of that content. I have no problem with reasonable ads. I get most of my news from which has a nice feature that lets me block providers. If I see an obnoxious ad or I reach the "10 article limit" on a particular site, I just permanently block that news site from my feed. If it's an important story then it will be reported by dozens of sites so blocking 20 or so sites isn't a big deal.

Comment Re:No use fighting it (Score 2) 144

Movie companies would do (empahsis added) a much better job if they stopped trying to squash any sort of piracy, and focused more on providing what people want, in the form they want, when they want it, at a convenient price

Really? For like $20 a month, you have ad-free Hulu and Netflix. That's like a huge portion of content right there. How much more do you need before you can call "won" on the "can stream whatever I want from home for cheap"

I would gladly pay $20 a month to stream "whatever I want". I would even be ok with $20 per month plus ads. hulu + netflix + amazon prime is nowhere close to full coverage. For one, there is a lot of overlap and secondly, they just don't have that many desirable titles. Even adding redbox in for the new releases and you still have crappy coverage. Full amazon is a little better but many shows are $2 per 30 minute episode. $20 per month (or $1 per hour) would be the place where I would just pay it and forget it if I could get full coverage of all new releases and old releases. Until then, I'm going to continue to piece together redbox,amazon prime, the public library, used dvds and whatever else I can find to fit my budget.

Comment Re:Don't take out on the human callers (Score 1) 251

The people who end up in these jobs generally need them.

They are just trying to make a living.

Actual robocalls on the other hand...

The goal isn't to "take it out" on the human caller. The goal is to make it unprofitable for the telemarketing company to continue. Most of my "telemarketing" calls these days tend to be complete scams too in which case when they are trying to install a virus on your computer and/or steal your money then they deserve it but even if they are an honest employee working for an honest telemarketing company (assuming that exists), the only way to reduce the amount of calls is to make it unprofitable which is what a system like this is designed to do.

Comment Re:Kickstarter (Score 2) 251

Right, because there's totally no way you could record your own phrases.

Before anyone gets carried away by how fucking brilliant I am, I'd considered building a telemarketer tormentor using Astrerix. It never got past the beermat stage, but we thought of that problem and solved it before we'd even finished the first beer.

I saw this on kickstarter and considered supporting it until I saw that it was a subscription service. I have zero interest in a subscription service. Now if it was a consumer device for $50 (or an android/iphone app) then I would consider it especially if it allowed some customization and/or had randomization.

Comment Allow comments/discossions on paid posts (Score 1) 1830

I know most people probably hate paid posts but I understand that they are a necessary evil. I actually don't mind them much and I like that they are differentiated from regular posts and I occasionally see one that is interesting but why are comments disabled? Allowing comments would allow discussions on the topic at hand and would allow advertisers to see what people actually think. Sure, you might have more people posting stupid comments but I think there could still be some good conversations on some of the paid posts.

Comment Re:Apple is doomed (Score 1) 428

Wow, you really just don't get Apple's business, do you? They don't care about consumers looking for a low end phone, their business is focused on huge profit margins selling at the high end of the market. A big part of Apple's continued growth is due to the fact that the iPhone's high price and reputation makes it a status symbol in Asia.

This only continues to work as long as they maintain their reputation. Most people I know switch back and forth between iphone and android phones regularly. I have several android devices and several apple devices. My current primary phone is an iphone 6. At the next upgrade cycle, I will likely go back to android as I like google voice search better than siri and google maps better than apple's maps. I also like the flexibility and customization that you can get with an android as well as having more choices of phones. Apple is making lots of money because they have no competition on the iphone side while there is lots of competition on the android side but as everyone upgrade every few years, it would only take a couple years of people starting to prefer android (like me and many of my friends) for their profit margins to start to erode. As long as they can maintain a quality product and noone on the android side starts to get good name recognition then they will be fine but if they start to slip and people start jumping ship (to what they already know on the android side), it wouldn't take long for them to disappear.

Comment Re:Makes sense to me. (Score 1) 223

Why would it make sense? Because Elon said so? If the truck will actually be used like a truck there won't be any chargers around. If you are talking about rich dorks running around town to show off, than maybe you are right.

That's what I get for not reading the actual article. I just assumed (incorrectly) that Tesla was talking about big rigs. To me that's what makes sense for both electric and self-driving. Trains are already electric. Large hauling companies are more than willing to adopt new technology if it makes them money over the long term. They are not as concerned about up front cost and self-driving would be a huge money saver.

Comment Makes sense to me. (Score 3, Insightful) 223

Just like Tesla's other ideas, a luxury sports car proves that it can be done so other people can copy it. It makes sense that a truck would be the next thing for Tesla to prove feasible. I don't think Tesla really wants to build cars or trucks but rather wants to run a think tank to prove it can be done. I wouldn't be surprised if Tesla open sourced his car plans at some point so other people could manufacture them for him (and he can sell batteries to them, of course)

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Economical lego compatible 3d printer. 1

Wycliffe writes: There are plenty of high end 3d printers which allow high precision and large prints. There are also plenty of economical 3d printers but most of them don't have high enough precision for printing good lego pieces. What is a good economical printer for printing small lego pieces? Build size is not important as most lego pieces are tiny but precision and quality prints are very important. What is a good, cheap 3D printer that can reliably print tiny lego pieces? What is the best bang for the buck when you want a small printer and don't care about large prints?

Comment Re:Think? (Score 1) 522

Hrm, that got me thinking. Does anyone know of a good monitoring software (preferably linux) that can show me what speed I'm getting? I can obviously go to a lot of different websites to do a one time spot check but having something that takes samples every 15 minutes around the clock and gives me a nice pretty graph might help me actually get something done about it.

Comment Re: Think? (Score 1) 522

Would you accept internet that is completely nonfunctional from 6-8PM every day? That satisfies your criterion above.

It's not like nobodies using the system when it's down. The system is down because it's being used. This is not an acceptable failure mode.

Exactly. Now add in the fact that tech support leaves at 5pm so is unavailable during peak load and then of course the internet is "working" again the next morning when you call to complain and even if you do manage to get someone on the line, the repairman works 9-5 so the next morning when he comes by to check the line everything is fine. Regardless of the industry, transient issues are notoriously hard to get resolved especially when it's "after-hour" transient issues. Oh, and let's not forget that when you're having problems so is everyone else so even if they are "open", good luck actually getting to a human on the other end.

Comment Re:Think? (Score 4, Interesting) 522

Be warned that Marco Rubio also supports lowering the broadband standard, and is against net neutrality.

Anything less than 25/5 (and no scumsucking usage cap!) is like having to crawl across a swaying rope bridge on an Interstate Highway.

I've been on 25/5 and on 3/1 and really can't tell much difference because most stuff is oversold to be barely tolerable. I would have no problem with them coming to some reasonable middle ground if they could figure out how to solve the oversold problem**. I currently work from home and I'm on a middle tier package which works fine during the work day but evenings it is barely usable and I've actually had to call in sick on days when the local school district has a snow day because all the neighbor kids are home and using the internet.

** The oversold problem is fixable if they want it to be. Just like fractional reserve banking or landline phones, you require a certain reserve and you build out for peak demand. Yes, this means that you're running at 50% capacity most of the time but then your service is actually usable during peak times. You can also use education, software, and incentives to try to get certain heavy non time critical downloads to happen during times where bandwidth is virtually free.

Comment Re:Practical vs Digital (Score 4, Insightful) 232

One nice thing about special effects is, if done right, they age extremely well.

There, fixed that for you. It doesn't matter whether it's done with CGI or not, if it's done where it truly looks real then it will age well. Looking at Jaws or even the original star wars trilogy, there are scenes now that look terrible today. Guess what?, they looked terrible then too but it was the best they could do so people gave them a pass. If you are limited by technology then it will eventually age the movie but if it's done where it is indistinguishable from reality then it doesn't matter what technology you use whether practical effects or CGI. The only reason that practical effects have aged a little better in certain areas is because many times it's easier to make it look truly realistic with practical effects but we're now there with CGI if people are willing to put in the effort. CGI actually has surpassed many practical effects like animatronics.

Comment Re:password resets are a horrible weak link too. (Score 1) 131

Exactly. If it needs a PIN, it's a debit transaction, not credit.
Why would I want to enter my PIN into a keypad at the grocery store, in full view of dozens of strangers? What assurances do I have that the keypad itself doesn't have a skimmer installed on it?

Chip and Pin was designed to prevent people from being able to easily clone a physical credit card. It's outdated and doesn't really do much to help protect against modern skimming and POS compromise attacks.

Why would you *NOT* want to enter a pin? It's not like your credit card pin has to be the same as your debit card pin. How is not having a pin any more secure? You can argue that it doesn't add much additional protection but it's hard to argue that requiring a pin makes a credit card less secure. The only disadvantage I see with having a pin versus a signature is that it's easier to detect a forgery than if someone steals your pin. I think all debit and credit transactions including ATM withdrawals should require both a pin and a signature.

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