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Comment Re:How is presenting all theories a problem? (Score 1) 665 665

What gets me about this is that it's specifically talking about natural selection, which has been demonstrated to be true in countless observations. Natural selection doesn't make any conclusion about the origin of all life, it just says "things that are better suited to an environment are more likely to outnumber things that are unsuited to that environment". Whether you want to teach evolution or creationism, natural selection still demonstrably exists. See also: the peppered moth.

Comment Re:No co-op (Score 2) 263 263

i must correct you.

only when you attempt to play the game they are currently play are they then booted from the game.

And I must correct the FAQ:

Can I share specific games, or do I have to share my whole library?
Libraries are shared and borrowed in their entirety.

Can a friend and I share a library and both play at the same time?
No, a shared library may only be accessed by one user at a time.

When I authorize a device to lend my library to others, do I limit my own ability to access and play my games?
As the lender, you may always access and play your games at any time. If you decide to start playing when a friend is already playing one of your games, he/she will be given a few minutes to either purchase the game or quit playing.

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Submission + - 55,000 Twitter Accounts Hacked, Passwords Leaked-> 1 1

MojoKid writes: "Tens of thousands of Twitter accounts have been compromised in a recent hack attack in which more than 55,000 passwords were leaked and posted to Pastebin by anonymous hackers. Most of the accounts supposedly belonged to spammers, and there were many duplicate entries, Twitter officials pointed out. However, to play it safe, you should probably change your Twitter password ASAP."
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Submission + - Sony Demonstrates Paper-fueled Battery->

Zothecula writes: We've heard of gadgets being powered by some pretty crazy stuff, but how about paper? Sony recently showed off a new bio-cell battery that breaks down paper in order to create power. A paper battery sounds a little bit far-fetched, but the technology works, and could potentially change how we power devices in the future.
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Submission + - EFF reverse engineers Carrier IQ config->

MrSeb writes: "At this point we have a fairly good idea of what Carrier IQ is, and which manufacturers and carriers see fit to install it on their phones, but the Electronic Frontier Foundation — the preeminent protector of your digital rights — has taken it one step further and reverse engineered some of the program’s code to work out what’s actually going on. There are three parts to a Carrier IQ installation on your phone: The program itself, which captures your keystrokes and other “metrics”; a configuration file, which varies from handset to handset and carrier to carrier; and a database that stores your actions until it can be transmitted to the carrier. It turns out that that the config profiles are completely unencrypted, and thus very easy to crack."
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Submission + - Lego's new line ... for girls?->

oneiros27 writes: Lego is rolling out a Lego Friends after Christmas (Dec 26th in the UK, Jan 1st in the US) to better appeal to girls. This time around, they took a few years to study how girls play, and design sets and figures specifically for them, rather than just add ponies and color it pink. (although, there are animals and new colors)
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Submission + - Square Enix Possibly Compromised->

An anonymous reader writes: Just received this alarming email from Square Enix. It appears that they recently were compromised. Preliminary reports state that there was no compromised user data. They are now allowed to join the list that includes the PSN and Steam. Lets hope they don't shut down servers.
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Submission + - YouTube Says Universal Had No 'Right' to Take Down->

An anonymous reader writes: Contrary to a previous story, Google played no part in the Megaupload takedown. From Wired: "YouTube said Friday that Universal Music abused the video-sharing site’s piracy filters when it employed them to take down a controversial video of celebrities and pop superstars singing and praising the notorious file-sharing service Megaupload."
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Submission + - Google Wallet Stores Card Data In Plain Text->

nut writes: The much-hyped payment application from Google on Android has been examined by viaForensics and appears to store some cardholder data in plaintext. Google wallet is the first real payment system to use NFC on Android. Version 2 of the PCI DSS (the current standard) mandates the encryption of transmitted cardholder data encourages strong encryption for its storage. viaForensics suggest that the data stored in plain text might be sufficient to allow social engineering to obtain a credit card number.
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Submission + - Microsoft to IE6: Dead browser walking!->

DrMcNasty writes: "Come January, the company will start forcing people to update from older versions of Internet Explorer. If you have Automatic Updates enabled in Windows Update, Microsoft says that the update will occur in a seamless, Chrome-like experience.

The company already provides security updates to Internet Explorer through Windows Update, but this means that legacy browser users will see a full-point jump. Windows XP users on Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7 will be upgraded to version 8, and Windows Vista users will be pushed up the stairs to Internet Explorer 9. IE9 doesn't work on Windows XP.

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Submission + - Chinese Government Tries to Control Rainfall With ->

formaggio writes: China's government is intervening with nature by rolling out four regional programs to artificially increase precipitation across the country by 10 percent before 2015. The program is anticipated to bring in an additional 230 billion cubic meters of precipitation per year by 2015. This is on top of the 50 billion China already artificially creates annually in the northeastern province of Jilin.
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