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Comment: Re:I enjoyed it somewhat (Score 1) 429

by WozNZ (#34683232) Attached to: <em>Tron: Legacy</em> &mdash; Too Much Imagination Required?
I enjoyed the film but then I did not expect a deep meaningful masterpiece. I was a fun revisit to an old classic with great eye candy. Too many people are trying to read too much into films these days or what to pretend they are a film critic.Either way they will always be disapointed :) .

Comment: Re:Intel will license it (Score 1) 476

by WozNZ (#27218991) Attached to: Intel Threatens To Revoke AMD's x86 License

AMD has now breached the license. Intel has no responsibility to keep AMD in business. Intel can get another foundry to make x86 CPUs. There's no law against being a monopoly.

Natural law is against being a failure like AMD.

Might not be BUT there are MANY MANY laws about abuse of monopoly position as MS and Intel have found out many time. If they do not renew the licence I am sure the EU will have a very EXPENSIVE reason for them to renew :)

Comment: Re:Hi (Score 1) 218

by WozNZ (#26801475) Attached to: Bruce Perens On Combining GPL and Proprietary Software
Are you for real? Linux is a COMPLETE OS, You do not need windows at all on your machine. You think that because it costs MS millions that nobody else can write an OS. *nix (the term for Unix like systems) have been around LONGER than windows. Microsoft even sold a *nix system called xenix many years ago. I used one for years. Most deskop Linux distributions ship with a FULL set of office type apps that can read and write MS files called open office. I am writing this post using Ubuntu Linux running Firefox, no sign of Windows anywhere! If you are stupid enough to pay $100s for Windows + Office then fine. Just realise there are other options that cost NOTHING. WAKE UP :)

Comment: Re:your technical requirements eliminate candidate (Score 1) 471

by WozNZ (#24162885) Attached to: The Web Development Skills Crisis
Your ryobi chop saw vs another chop saw is a pure garbage statement that just shows you do not understand the problem. Yes any developer can learn a new language, I have worked in many different in my 30years of code writing BUT and this is the big BUT. You are NEVER productive in a large scale project until you have used language X in anger and have made mistakes. No company in todays world can aford to carry dead wood so first choice is a person that knows all the kinks and problems of the language and can program around them. Anybody can do a small website in any framework. Only a dev experienced in a given language can jump into a 500 object backend and be productive. Hope that helps you understand lol

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