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Comment Re:She has a point. (Score 1) 628

Is it. I read the editorial again to see what you were talking about. Maddie never suggests the boys sexual comments had anything at all to do with this picture. She was tuning out the boys sexual comments before this image ever came up. It sounds more like a girls struggling with growing up. Happens to a lot of people. Had nothing at all to do with this picture.

Comment Re:She has a point. (Score 1) 628

Waterhouse? Waterhouse was a porn artist, plain and simple. The only difference is medium. So you would be ok of the students used : instead of the Lena image? Talk about objectifying and sexualizing women. Just because someone took the time to paint something does not somehow make it automatically better than a photograph. Just because something was done a couple hundred years ago does not make it better than something that was done 40 years ago. Most playboy centerfolds have at least as much right to be called art as anything Waterhouse created.


Comment Re:idgi (Score 1) 628

There are two very obvious gender differences. One males are, on average, far stronger than women. Second pregnancies are far more costly to women.

This means that men are far more likely to be interested in casual sex than women because they have far fewer things to fear from casual sex. Both because men feel less consequence from potential pregnancies but also because men have far less to fear about being physically overpowered.

It is not true for everyone, there's a cultural component as well, and there's nothing shameful or unfeminine about a woman interested in casual sex. But the fact the genders do have very different attitudes is backed up by virtually every study ever done.

You make some pretty bold and sweeping statements there. I would love to see the research that supports them. I can't seem to find any studies that support your claims, but since virtually every study ever done backs it up, it should be easy to provide some details.

Comment Re:idgi (Score 1) 628

You could say any image is objectifying, it is ludicrous. Eventually we need to all stop being offended about everything. Use of the Lena image is not keeping anyone out of the CS field. There is great value in students learning how their research fits into the broader context of the field and learning that in high school is an excellent way to help prepare students to do more advanced work. In this particular field the bulk of the research over the past 40 years was at leasted tested against the Lena image so it is a great image to use.

There is nothing actually offensive about the image. If you have to go beyond what you are looking at in order to get offended, just stop. The problem is you.

Comment Re:Dear Young Mr Zug (Score 1) 628

You know why, your just being deliberately obtuse. If you pull up an article on any of those topics, there is a better than not chance it will use the Lena image. This is a school that is supposed to be developing kids to do advanced work in the field.

I am not sure why I keep responding to people who either being deliberately obtuse or know absolutely nothing at all about research.

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