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Comment: Re:apple and google are missing the point. (Score 1) 126

by Wovel (#47264131) Attached to: Google To Take On Apple's CarPlay

WTF is with all this generation naming crap. It is silly. When all we could come up with was Generation X we should have stopped.Now we have Millenials. WTF is a Millenial? The age range (according to Wikipedia) is people around 13 to 35 (Other sites place the range as 22-32 which seems a lot more reasonable). How does that mean anything? They have nothing at all in common. The GP post referred to Millennial and Generation Y as two different things. Everywhere else says they are the same thing. Which is it?

I somehow ended up in X. I have kids in Y, Z and whatever comes next. I was 6 when Y started and I did not have any kids until I was 22. Kids born when I was 6 have little in common with my son. People making all these presumptions about people based on these silly generation labels is ridiculous.

Just because the goofy GP can't pay his bills and prefers public transportation is an anecdote not a trend.

Comment: Re:I think I'm something of a psychic (Score 1) 411

by Wovel (#47150301) Attached to: Apple WWDC 2014: Tim Cook Unveils Yosemite

It probably is for iOS users since it allows direct access to the app filespace without copying. If services can do that via extensions (maybe they can, hard to say), then that advantage won't last long. iCloud Drive is cheaper than DropBox and 3.99 a month for 200GB is pretty good.

There, now they don't have to.

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