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Comment: Wow (Score 1) 225

by Wovel (#47547285) Attached to: Chromebooks Are Outselling iPads In Schools

What a bizarre story with some pretty wild speculation. You are trying to compare what you assume is a 5 quarter average to what Google claims to have sold to schools in the last quarter. You them claim Apple is losing the education market to Google. You do realize nothing at all in the brief article or anything you linked to supports that claim. The one thing we know for sure is that Apple has sold 13 million devices to schools since 2012 and Google has sold at least 1 million.

Comment: Re:Sweet (Score 1) 126

Your talking about people that were let go? Why on earth do you care if they have to be mailed in if no one is using them (at least for a time)? I agree the management tool should be able to do it, but you made it sound like you had some reason for active users to be sending in their devices. You clearly do not.

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