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Comment Re:Why do they need ANY info? (Score 1) 423

Pretty sure there is a reason you are driving the Integra and the other guy is driving the Jaguar (although Jaguar is a bad example since they are overpriced crap, but nevertheless). You are gaining nothing by pumping 6 extra octane into your integral. I know there is where you try and defend this absurd 40 cent a gallon decision, but your really not.

Comment Re:Dear Amazon (Score 1) 223

Amazon already has a great video app for iOS and they update it frequently. They recently updated it to support downloading and offline viewing of Prime content. Their stance on selling the AppleTV makes no sense. It would be absurd fr them not to make an app for the new AppleTV and the even with current models, airplay works great.

It also goes against a core cultural direction the Bezos described years ago. Amazon keeps retail, content and hardware businesses all separate. It is why kindle books are available on every platform you can think of. It is why Amazon video is also available on all those platforms. This decision makes no sense and probably won't last long.

Comment Re:Monopoly (Score 1) 366

What is it that you think Apple has done here? They sent a free developer unit to a company. The company agreed to an NDA as a condition of receiving the unit. The company disassembled the free unit and posted pictures of it on the Internet. Apple enforced the contract the company agreed to.

What part of that is gold for an anti-trust case?

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