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Comment: Astrology or astronomy? (Score 2) 625 625

Without RTFA, was there any attempt to remind survey participants that astrology is the one with animal symbols, and astronomy is the one with black holes? If not, this isn't measuring acceptance of astrology, so much as measuring name recognition.

Comment: Re:Works for Slashdot as well... (Score 1) 367 367

Meh. I've taken a long enough break from slashdot that an entire decimal place of userids has come and gone without my noticing. Another, more eternal break won't be so bad. If they want to destroy comments, and hence destroy the site, I'll be happy to vacate.

Comment: Re:The title says it all. (Score 1) 2219 2219

I didn't expect to be enlightened by reading anything in the comments, but you proved me wrong. This is a point I always knew but didn't consciously appreciate until you said it. I don't come to slashdot for the crappily written summaries, I come for the sometimes-accurate comments that enhance the discussion.

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