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Comment: Personal review of Multiplayer Ridge Racer DS (Score 4, Informative) 158

by WordUpCousin (#13430325) Attached to: Nintendo DS Wireless Game Roundup
WARNING: Do not play multiplayer for this game - it is utterly pointless.

Ridge Racer's gameplay is really smooth, and while playing multiplayer, you do not ever see any lag (or screen skipping). BUT, for some reason or another, there seems to be a certain delay in the game. For instance, if I'm speeding past my opponent, he won't see it on his screen until a few seconds later. This means, there are certain times during the game where we both can be in first place. Additionally, sometimes I purposely bump my opponent but on their screen, they have a clear path.

I'd give the game a 1 out of 5 for multiplayer - as the races never reflects its true state... leading to confusion in real-time.

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