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Comment Re:Two things: (Score 1) 161

Even more to the point, if we look at jobs from 50 years ago, about 50% of those no longer exist. Yet we don't have 50% unemployment.

And lets be clear here. We are not talking strong AI, we are talking about fancy search methods to find cats on the internet. These programs are nothing more than "find cats on internet" program.

Submission + - Authorities reportedly question McAfee's ex-girlfriend (

netbuzz writes: While antivirus software pioneer John McAfee is in the media spotlight here for his long-shot Libertarian presidential run, law enforcement authorities in Belize and the FBI have just this week reportedly questioned one of his ex-girlfriend’s as they continue to investigate the 2012 murder of McAfee’s American neighbor. That probe prompted McAfee to flee Belize and eventually land back in the United States. McAfee has steadfastly denied any involvement in the murder.

Submission + - Steam Uses Out-of-Date Chromium Browser with Security Feature Disabled (

An anonymous reader writes: The latest version of the Steam gaming client is using an outdated version of the Chromium browser (the Chromium Embedded Framework actually) that also ships with the --no-sandbox flag, which is considered a must-have security measure to prevent security exploits from trickling down to the underlying OS. Similar security issues with Chromium-based browsers where discovered in Avast (Avastium) and the Comodo (Chromodo).

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