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Comment Re:Oh mozilla (Score 1) 351 351

The trend in software development is always towards bloat, cruft and kitchen sink

Which gives rise to the software circle of life: when all the existing solutions are too overweight, a new lightweight competitor appears, and gradually bloats, until the cycle begins again. Browsers, Linux desktop environments, programming-languages...

Comment Re:Saw it coming (Score 2) 229 229

Bethesda do like their GOTY editions.

They have the effect of punishing those that buy the base game and later decide to buy the DLCs: the DLCs never go on on a significant discount, so it's actually cheaper to buy the GOTY over the top of the base game.

(By no means an EA-level act of scummery, of course. Just a little annoying.)

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 133 133

If an ISP wants to throttle video, as long as they do it equally among all providers, that seems fair. Or to give preference to online gaming, that's fair too. As long as the ISP isn't picking and choosing, or asking for money to give a higher preference.

But that is 'picking and choosing', and it's not 'simply providing a pipe'. Why should my ISP get to decide that my neighbour's Skype conversation is more important than my multiplayer, if I'm paying for the connection?

Not to mention that there's a technical way around such measures. Have your multiplayer connection give the appearance of a Skype connection, and you're set.

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