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Comment Haskell? (Score 3, Informative) 429

I might go with a more exotic language, like Haskell or Mercury. D and Scala aren't as big as C++, but they're not conceptually that different. (That's not to say they're not worthwhile, mind.) Languages like Haskell, Mercury, Prolog, Erlang, are rather more alien.

I guess my real point is that most important isn't terribly precise.

Comment Re:Problem with the solution? (Score 1) 194

youtube/netflix/etc. would be nice

I wonder if they could get Netflix onboard and have a (perhaps incomplete) Netflix cache onboard the aircraft. They've got the technology to enable ISPs to cache their content, after all. (They must have their reasons for not just using nice, cacheable HTTP to distribute encrypted blobs of their content. This is what Steam does, I believe.)

Comment Police power (Score 2) 236

They have power because they have guns and lots of buddies to back them up.

It's very much the latter, and not the former. It's the 'lots of buddies', i.e. the power of the police force, the courts, and the prison system, that give rise to their meaningful 'official powers'. Take away the gun, and nothing really changes. Source: am British.

Technology cannot tell the difference between the police and some random jackass

There's no inherent reason why a machine must be less capable at this than a human.

Comment Re:Democrats (Score 0) 174

Because mathematical syntax is always the wrong choice? I'd guess most slashdotters have studied formal logic. I guess you're right though: the most 'technically correct' thing to do is to refer to the fallacy by its name: affirming the consequent.

(I'm not the AC, for what that's worth.)

Comment Re:Oh mozilla (Score 1) 351

The trend in software development is always towards bloat, cruft and kitchen sink

Which gives rise to the software circle of life: when all the existing solutions are too overweight, a new lightweight competitor appears, and gradually bloats, until the cycle begins again. Browsers, Linux desktop environments, programming-languages...

Neutrinos are into physicists.