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Comment: But Not Logging Location Very Well (Score 1) 591

by Wook Man (#35880534) Attached to: Apple Logging Locations of All iPhone Users

I ran the app against my phone. It has locations that I would have only gone to on a recent driving trip. But it doesn't include the whole trip, and it includes locations that I have never been too.

So yeah, it is tracking locations, but is not very accurate. I'm not even sure it is doing it via GPS. It might be doing it via the towers, and the locations are where the base stations are for the towers. Maybe.

Comment: Re:Streaming Netflix was disappointing (Score 1) 577

by Wook Man (#34125076) Attached to: Will Netflix Destroy the Internet?

Streaming Netflix has NOTHING last time I used it on my Roku box. I only found some of the worst b-rated movies and documentaries and a tiny amount of semi-new releases. No Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark...nothing.

This. No movies from the last 5, or sometimes 10 years. The quality of Netflix "HD" content is almost, but not, as good as a DVD. The non-HD content looks really bad even on just a 46" HD TV, which isn't huge by today's standards. Pretty disappointing.

If they ever fix this -- have current movies at good quality -- then the bandwidth required will be HUGE. That could take some adjusting.

Comment: The Main Reason Why Kethinov's Solution Won't Work (Score 1) 602

by Wook Man (#34049900) Attached to: BSG Prequel Series Caprica Canceled

You have to be able to measure advertising. I like the idea of no DRM and such on the downloadable content as much as the next person here. But the reality is that TV creators must be able to measure how many sets of eyes see the adds, and what kind of eyes they are. TV ratings are not about which show is most popular. TV rating are about who's watching, and what value those viewers have to advertisers. Without metrics like "how many" and "what age/gender/ethnicity/etc" it is a very hard sell to advertisers that have limited budget to spend, and want to spend it on the best possible audience for their products.

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