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Comment It would first have to go somewhere I want to go (Score 1) 654

There are a few times that I will take public transportation.

Living near the northwest limit of the Chicago area transit system, it is convenient if I'm headed to a convention at McCormick Place. But, I haven't gone there in over a decade... The conventions I go to moved out to the suburbs, where use of public transportation is comical at best.

Going to one this past May, I checked the PT route vs. car. Car took 1.5 hours. PT route involved 10 minutes to train station. 1.3 hours on train. 20 minutes on another train. 10 minutes on bus. 19 minutes walk from nearest bus station to convention site. Cost for round trip? More than the cost to drive, including the $13 parking fee at the convention center.

"Free", as pointed out by others, is only to the rider... Someone has to pay for it. In Milwaukee, they're going to build a trolly system in the downtown that will be less cost-effective than simply renting a bunch of limos and drivers to do the work. And that's if the ridership reaches their claims... but the buses currently plying the route don't meet those numbers!

Does PT go where I shop? No. Does PT go where I work? No. Would I use it if it was free? Why?

Comment Subject to change without notice (Score 0) 240

That's my browser selection.... and right now FF is doing its damnedest to NOT be it. The current version has a horrid lag, where typing into an input field is akin to a 300 baud dial-up line with noise on it. It gets worse if I allow spell checking.

And I'm STILL trying to figure out how to get some of the plugins to work like they did under v23. I think it is part of their "be like Chrome" strategy, where anything really helpful isn't supported.

But, then again, the others aren't doing much to become the browser I use most, because they don't do what FireFox USED to do...

Comment Perhaps a more interesting metric would be... (Score 1) 94

... to ask these same managers how their hiring goals of 2014 were met during 2014. That is, if they planned on hiring someone with skill X within 6 months, did they hire someone with skill X? Did they actively LOOK for someone with skill X? Or was it, "If someone with skill X comes in, they get 2 extra Brownie Points"?

It's all well and good to say you plan on hiring certain skill sets in a given period, but if you haven't been fulfilling your goals in the past, what does that bode for the future?

Comment Mapping * to still works (Score 1) 35

I don't even get a black box... There is a white hole allocated for the video, but no noise or other annoyances.

I wonder if the other companies that use for useful purposes appreciate the damage /. does to their reputation by setting autoplay=yes, as those offended geeks with the power to do so modify their DNS servers to be authoritative for and protect their user base from abuse?

Comment Maybe "too helpful" is the right phrase (Score 1) 716

I used to be able to create a bootable drive, configure it the way I wanted, then clone it to allow redundant hardware; only the IP and host name varied between machines. Several machines were built with two boot drives, imaged after the configuration was complete, then the "spare" powered down.

That stopped working a few years ago. Distributions now made partitions that included the serial numbers of the disks in their GUIDs. If the MAC address on net card didn't match, a "new interface!" was discovered, so routing tables needed to change. Now, it takes less time to build the install from scratch than to patch the mirror image to replace a failed boot drive.

Comment Ireland will love this (Score 2) 825

A number of U.S. based companies have already purchase, merged with, and become subsidiaries of Irish companies. That makes profits made in the U.S. "foreign income", and everything outside the U.S. untouchable, because it will never be "repatriated".

The price of companies incorporated in Ireland is going to skyrocket even higher than it has.

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