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Comment Expandable Storage (Score 2) 106

Unfortunately it's relitively hard to open up the XBox One to replace the drive. Some have done so, and managed to clone the drive to a larger drive and gotten it to work. I took the easy route, as I have maybe 8 games and my 500gb drive was full. I got a Collective Minds Media Hub http://www.collectiveminds.ca/... (Also on Amazon). It snaps on to the end of the XBox One, making it appear as if it's part of the console, and gives you three front USB 3.0 ports for wired Controllers, Charging, whatever. The top feature, it contains a 2.5" Enclosure. I threw a 2TB 2.5" drive in there. I have it formatted to use as a system drive for games. I keep all my games on it, for archive, and keep the games I play at the time on my internal drive. A cheaper USB 3.0 external drive will work fine. Point being though, the article is correct, that 500gb for launch with games being REQUIRED to be installed to the drive is not enough, when 8 games, and reserved OS space, can fill it up.

Comment Storage: NAS (Score 2) 174

For storage, I have a 4 bay WD NAS, DL4100. Populated with 4x4TB drives in RAID5. Store all my photos and video on there. I have a 8TB USB Seagate Archive v2 Drive attached to it that I plug in once in a while to back it up to. The RAID5 helps with hardware failure, but backing up to the USB drive guarantees if it somehow gets deleted I'm good. WD has "recycle bin" like feature, but I never trust it. The WD NAS has DLNA and Media Server capabilities to stream to many TV's that have it built in. Synology also has a few models that are comparable as well. Whatever model you get check storage transfer speeds and get something that can max out giabit, copying a 1080p video file can take a while if it's a long video at slow speeds.

Comment Re:Here's to hoping (Score 1) 253

I could, however they still only offer a max of 150mbit down and 7mbit upload, and the same ridiculous prices. Unless I go Fiber, which is not feasible for home at $1,000+/mo. There's word Comcast is taking over from Charter in my area. I can hope that they do, then I can be paying the same amount for 100mbit / 20mbit service. All i want is reasonable upload speeds, 4mbit takes me 35+ minutes to upload a 1gb GoPro Video to youtube. Via Comcast with 20mbit it would be done in less than 7 minutes. I can also stream 1080p via my Plex, or my HDHome Run Prime as well since 4mbit doesn't let me do either.

Comment Here's to hoping (Score 1) 253

Here's to hoping they can do it. It would put some serious competition out there. Comcast is outpacing Charter right now. Charter in my area has yet to turn on multi channel upstream bonding. They have 8 channel downstream bonding, but not upstream. I have 60mbit down and a pathetic 4mbit upload. They offer 150mbit down / 7mbit upload, 7mbit is barley enough for TCP acknowledgement at 150mbit down. And the 150/7 service is a premium $100/mo+ over 60/4. On top of it, they charge $250 "Install fee". To install what, the operator couldn't answer, I have a DOCSIS 3.0 modem, lines fine, install what? It's a config file change. I was buckled down and was going to pay the extra $100 or whatever it was for the upgrade, but the $250 vague install fee I would not pay. Meanwhile, Comcast, in the town next to me offers 100mbit down, 20mbit upload STANDARD and offer 150 for $115/mo. Way cheaper than Charter. If Comcast ups their speed even more to 3.1 speeds, Charter would have to compete.

Comment Re:Fossil Abacus - My first Smart Watch (Score 1) 202

My point to this would be... what happened? Clearly they saw the trend, even pioneered it, and did not keep up with it. They could easily pair up with a OEM to produce a Android Wear watch, and IMHO a major watch manufacturer would have a leg up on watch design vs tech companies like LG, Samsung, Pebble, etc. Any company like Fossil, Swatch, Timex, etc could produce higher end "luxery" Android Wear watches that some people would buy.

Comment Fossil Abacus - My first Smart Watch (Score 2) 202

What's funny is back in the day, Fossil was one of the first "Wearable" smart watch manufacturers. I had a original Fossil Abacus watch that ran PalmOS 4.x. Black and white display, and had a docking station that used RS232 to sync to my desktop to transfer applications, sync calendar, contacts, etc. It even had a little mini stylus that slid into the watch band. I had this in 2004, more than 8 years before what I consider the first mainstream wearable smart watch the Pebble came out in late 2012 early 2013. They only had a day of battery, and only displayed the time if you hit a button on it, and did have a backlight. I abandoned it in 2006 once the battery life degraded a bit and wouldn't last more than 8-10 hours. Loved it though, was even used to using graphiti to input characters onto the watch, a concept I wish some newer smart watches had. (Character input and touch screens that is). For anyone that wants to check it out, there's a brief Wiki article on it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

Comment Re:Because it brings nothing to the conversation (Score 1) 203

I was attempting to spark a conversation where people people in what environments and situations they are in and whether they had issues or not. I posted I had two upgrades, and two fresh installs, and I could have added that some are in a domain environment, but I did not. I'm sorry I didn't have time to write a thesis in the time I had to make a brief comment. I still do not get the hostility and why this community is so quick to backlash and criticize one comment that neither neither trolling nor off topic.

Comment Re:No problems for me (Score 1) 203

If you're going to go around policing EVERY comment on the internet that in your own opinion "Doesn't contribute to the conversation", you my friend have quite the task ahead of you. I can understand the fact that people have the need to reply when "Someone is wrong on the internet" ( https://xkcd.com/386/ ) But to extend that to "Someone is not adding anything to the conversation", bravo. I for one think ones time can be put to better efforts.

Comment Re:No problems for me (Score 4, Insightful) 203

"Idiot"? I really don't get the hostility? Honestly I was just saying I didn't have the issue on 4 systems. Nothing more. Nothing less. I don't understand how everyone on this entire thread thinks I'm denying the issue and acting hostile towards me. I rarely comment on /, and this is why. Seems everyone bought a jump to conclusions mat.

Comment Re:Misleading Attention Grabbers (Score 2) 161

Likewise, power steering or power brakes can be disabled via the same method most likely. Especially if they're in electronic parking assist vehicles which typically have electric power steering vs hydraulic. At high speeds power brakes being cut can be dangerous, power steering not so much, more dangerous at lower speeds. This is why I will never buy a keyless entry car, and prefer manual transmissions, and prefer all driving assistance but ABS to be off. I had traction control nearly kill me once when it tried to correct and reduced engine power after I had already corrected myself. That being said as well. Someone could just as easily PHYSICALLY clip your brake lines, and they don't even need access to the inside of the vehicle. Or if you live in the Northern US just drive in the winter for 3-5 years and the new chemical treatment they use on the roads in the winter. Already had two family members vehicles, only 6 years old, have lines MELTED through by this stuff, one went while driving.

Comment Hudson (Score 2) 99

In 2,000 years historians and archaeologists will be scratching their head wondering why there were so many "Ritual Sacrifices" of cement shoe'd people at what is now the bottom of the Hudson..

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