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Comment: This sort of thing is just (Score 1) 387

by WonderingAround (#36292002) Attached to: PBS Web Sites and Databases Hacked
Annoying, sort of disappointing, and getting really old. Seriously no one's impressed, if they didn't take responsibility then maybe for one second some people just might think it was anonymous and they would get a little more than 15 minutes of fame, either way why attack PBS over what was said about a different group?

Comment: Re:That's cool and all but (Score 1) 90

by WonderingAround (#36129264) Attached to: 'Jetman' Rossy Flies Above the Grand Canyon
Well I can only assume the Martin Jetpack is somewhat of a prototype of this sort of technology as advanced as it may be, but If/once we would be able to customize something like this then I could purchase something more suitable to my jet-packing needs, the "useful pilot" load for this is 280lbs, so being around 160lbs I should be able to theoretically either use the weight gap to my advantage in terms of need for thrust or acceleration speeds, etc. And surely there's should be somewhat of a sport model, probably a lot less safe and having the undercarriage and flight displays stripped, because honestly I'm not too concerned about safety, If you're going to crash this thing it's going to go badly, and If the outside of the craft was covered in a solar panel coating then I'm sure if they can't make it much smaller they can at least make it fly longer. The design is very rigid as of now, why not design some way to fold it once it's landed? No suggestions on how exactly you would do that, but I'm not waiting 50 years for nanotubes to show up I'll just wait 10 for human ingenuity to do it's job.

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