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+ - Downloader faces the music, fined 222 000$ US->

Submitted by
Wolvie MkM
Wolvie MkM writes " Reports

The recording industry won a key fight Thursday against illegal music downloading when a U.S. federal jury ordered a Minnesota woman to pay $222,000 US for sharing copyrighted music online.

The jury ordered Jammie Thomas, 30, to pay the six record companies that sued her $9,250 US for each of 24 songs they focused on in the case. They had alleged she shared 1,702 songs online in violation of their copyrights."

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+ - Bloggers who risked all to reveal Junta in Burma 2

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Internet geeks share a common style, and Ko Latt and his four friends would not be out of place in cyber cafés across the world. They have the skinny arms and the long hair, the dark T-shirts and the jokey nicknames. But few such figures have ever taken the risks that they have in the past few weeks, or achieved so much in a noble and dangerous cause. Since last month Ko Latt, 28, his friends Arca, Eye, Sun and Superman, and scores of others like them have been the third pillar of Burma's Saffron Revolution."
Media (Apple)

+ - Slippery iPhone?

Submitted by mattatwork
mattatwork (988481) writes "A brief article on Business 2.0 shed light on little known flaw of the iPhone's design: slipperiness. According to the article:

"Overall," he added, "our source found the iPhone awesome but he mentioned, as a sole negative point, that the material used on the device's case makes it feel even more slippery than the iPod and will probably require the purchase of a protective skin or case so as to avoid unintentionally dropping it."

The article doesn't go on to suggest where the testers were found and what credentials were necessary to participate in testing the iPhones. I for one find it hard to believe Apple would let a product go anywhere near testing with a potential for slipping, falling and getting damaged...."

Time-sharing is the junk-mail part of the computer business. -- H.R.J. Grosch (attributed)