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An anonymous reader writes "Prison Architect is a Prison Simulation and Management game currently released in Alpha from indie developers Introversion Software (Uplink, Darwinia, DEFCON and Multiwinia). Prison Architect was initially released in September 2012 and has been played by nearly 90,000 gamers so far. 10 Alpha updates have been released and Introversion is committed to continuing to release a major update each month. From Alpha 10 onwards Prison Architect will be available for Linux — from the Introversion Blog:

"We are now supplying builds for Linux via steam and as a standalone download from our website. The game should be widely compatible across the various Linux distributions, but please let us know if you have problems by logging bugs in our bug tracker. We have targeted Ubuntu 12.04 (32 bit and 64 bit) as a starting point, and we anticipate wider compatibility in later alphas. Please note that we do require glibc 2.15 or later, which unfortunately means Prison Architect does not currently work on Debian Stable.""

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Comment: Re:Common sense (Score 2) 1591

by Wolvenhaven (#42603267) Attached to: New York Passes Landmark Gun Law
You have to understand terminal ballistics to understand why they changed from MP5s to rifles(M16/M4/whatever). The 9mm round actually has a higher chance of over-penetrating a target than a .223 even though it has far less power. The .223 tends to fragment and tumble while the 9mm stays solid and passes through in roughly a straight line; possibly hitting someone behind them. This is research which has been done on statistics over the last 20 years from dozens of countries' police forces which is why you see the change moving away from sub-machineguns all over and not just in a single country.

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by Wolvenhaven (#42275111) Attached to: Learning Rocket Science With Video Games
I've been playing KSP for a while too and it's a fantastic game. The reason you can't do Lagrange points is that it uses patched conics which does "spheres of influence" around planetary bodies and doesn't do gravity interpolation. That being said, the math was good enough to get us to the moon, so for a game as fun as KSP I'm not too upset.

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by Wolvenhaven (#41501655) Attached to: Aircraft Carriers In Space
In the book series The Night's Dawn Trilogy space combat was between manned ships which launched weapons drones. They were nothing more than a navigational computer strapped to an engine with lots of sub-munitions(nukes, kinetic projectiles, bomb pumped lasers, and ECM pods). They'd fly around with pretty realistic physics and launch swarms of the drones at each other, along the most probable paths the other ship would take, and then the drones would just fly in and shotgun all their munitions in the hopes of saturating the area enough so that one or two would hit even with the other ship firing countermeasures and maneuvering. It was pretty much all a game of probabilities.

Man Orders TV On Amazon, Gets Shipped Assault Rifle 666

Posted by samzenpus
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First time accepted submitter InfernoApple writes "Seth Horvitz, a Northeast D.C. resident, thought he had ordered a new high-definition television a few days ago through from a third-party merchant. When the package arrived yesterday, however, Horvitz opened the oddly shaped box to find something completely different. Instead of the flat-panel TV he had bought to enjoy with his wife, who is pregnant, Horvitz opened the long packaging to discover a Sig Sauer SIG716, a high-caliber, semi-automatic assault rifle capable of mowing down, well, just about anything."

Moglen: Facebook Is a Man-In-The-Middle Attack 376

Posted by Soulskill
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jfruh writes "In an email exchange with privacy blogger Dan Tynan, Columbia law professor Eben Moglen referred to Facebook as a 'man in the middle attack' — that is, a service that intercepts communication between two parties and uses it for its own nefarious purposes. He said, 'The point is that by sharing with our actual friends through a web intermediary who can store and mine everything, we harm people by destroying their privacy for them. It's not the sharing that's bad, it's the technological design of giving it all to someone in the middle. That is at once outstandingly stupid and overwhelmingly dangerous.' Tynan is a critic of Facebook, but he thinks Moglen is overstating the case."

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