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Comment: Re:Here's a thought... (Score 1) 856

by Wolfjjj (#28555021) Attached to: Bike Projector Makes Lane For Rider
--Until you start paying rego, compulsary third party insurance and obeying the road rules you don't have --any moral right to make use of the road.

I think you'll find the majority of cyclists have cars, pay rego, third park insurance just like everyone else you muppet, how do you think we do our shopping, go on road trips. The thing is we choose to ride either as a hobby or as an alternative to commuting in a car thus freeing up the road ... just think more cycles = less cars on the road that you need to deal with.

----I don't care if you're pissed off that you have to slow down to 35k in a 50k zone as long as you don't ----crash into me.
--and that's the attitude that causes such ire amongst drivers.
--Cars always win, show some respect and don't be the jerk holding up 40 cars simply because you can't --be arsed to pull over to the side and let people pass.

I think if you were in their place and your life was on the line you'd probably feel the same way, generally I'll sit a couple of feet from the curb (so their is enough room to go either way in an emergency) but if it's dangerous I'll happily take more room if it's required.

Do you have the same attitude toward trucks/18 wheelers/lorries whatever you call them in your locale? they are generally slow, take up a lot of room ... would you consider running them off the road? Of course not as you'd come off second best.

What I think it comes down to is that there are douches on both sides and having an attitude like that well I'd assume makes you one of them ... the roads are there for everyone, share and treat other road users how'd you'd like to be treated yourself. Next time you almost cleanup a cyclist think about how you'd be feeling if a truck/18 wheeler/lorry did the same to you ...

Thrashing is just virtual crashing.