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Comment: Which headline would we see first? (Score 1) 1388

by Wolfger (#42547013) Attached to: Smart Guns To Stop Mass Killings
Man stabs 20 schoolchildren, teacher armed with "smart" gun. Colt sued over malfunctioning "smart" gun that did not allow him to fire. Smith & Wesson sued over malfunctioning "smart" gun that allowed him to fire. Man hacked gun software, committed greatest atrocity in history of mankind. Two gunmen slaughter dozens as "smart" guns allow them to fire because there is another gun in the area.

Comment: Re:Wrong article link (Score 2, Insightful) 403

by Wolfger (#28374337) Attached to: Why a Hard Disk Is a Better Bargain Than an SSD
Would be nice if Slashdot's editors would actually RTFA (or even scan over it) to see if it is what the submitter says it is. It took me all of 15 seconds to say "Hey, this article doesn't mention SSD's at all."

Then the actual article says the opposite of what the submitter is trying to get us to believe: "if you're downloading video and using multiple applications at the same time, an SSD will give you a very noticeable performance boost"

...and I'm guessing the review was written with the same FS on each drive, but we are now seeing new FS's that are better suited to SSD's than HDD's.

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