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Comment: Re:I say cut the F-35 (Score 1) 484

by Woldscum (#42992511) Attached to: There Is Plenty To Cut At the Pentagon

The major entitlement spending is for Medicare and Social Security. People are entitled to Medicare and Social Security because they paid for them all their lives.

Do you propose that the government not pay people the benefits they paid for as part of a contract?

That would be like buying health insurance from a private company, and having them decide not to pay you when you get sick and need it, because that would be a good way for them to save money.

You are not prepaying for YOUR FUTURE befits. You are paying for the people getting benefits NOW. Your money does not go into your special "Lock Box". You are paying for your grand parents and parents. Your kids and grand kids will pay for you. It really is a ponzi scheme.

Comment: Re:If there was a Bad at Math Map... (Score 1) 1163

by Woldscum (#41961701) Attached to: Secession Petitions Flood White House Website


Texas and Louisiana produce a little less than 30% of US domestic oil production. That does not count the offshore wells in federal water. It only counts land based wells. How about chemical plants and refineries?

Look at a map. Does not the Mississippi River enter the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana? How would that work out for you?

Comment: Re:Why don't U.S. carriers also use ski-jump? (Score 0) 449

by Woldscum (#38390758) Attached to: Satellite Spots China's First Aircraft Carrier

Named after Navy people. Bush Sr. was a WWII Naval aviator. Gerald Ford served on a carrier in WWII. Jimmy Carter graduated from Annapolis and worked on the first nuclear sub designs. Carter cut the military so much in his 4 years you will never see a ship named after him. Which is why Reagen got a ship.

Comment: Re:Choosing the correct tactics (Score 1) 491

by Woldscum (#38221906) Attached to: Patent Expires On Best Selling Drug of All Time

I'm unclear here. Since when did pharmacists suddenly get the right to override a doctor's prescription? How can Pfizer actually get a pharmacist to sign an exclusivity agreement.

It's not the pharmacist. It's the insurance company. The pharmacist can only dispense the drug as written on the prescription. The insurance company decides on what they will pay for. If the insurance company will only pay for a generic drug. You still can get the name brand drug. But you will need to pay the full retail price for it. It depends on your insurance policy.

Comment: Re:Just that pesky Constitution (Score 1) 949

by Woldscum (#36755810) Attached to: Slate: Amazon's Tax Stance Unfair and Unethical

"Regulated" as in well trained. Not as in governed by laws. A "well trained militia".

The 4th definition of "Regulated".
4. To put or maintain in order: regulate one's eating habits.

  A militia must be armed or it is just a group of subjects. And yes up to the 1930's you could order machine guns from Sears and Roebuck or walk into a Western Auto and buy a new Tommy gun. Also the musket was the M16 of its day.

Comment: Re:Wasn't this the whole point of CALEA? (Score 1) 174

by Woldscum (#35949012) Attached to: Does Wiretapping Require Cell Company Cooperation?

CALEA equipment allows VoIP call surveillance at the telco switch level (DMS 250 & 500). When a Judge issued a warrant to wire tap a phone number. It would usually happen at the telco switch level. VoIP stopped that because IP traffic did not involve the voice network. CALEA upgraded the physical switches them selves to IP and added 1 cabinet of equipment (COLO owned by the FBI). The FBI through an office in Quantico, VA can access the network switches directly with out involving AT&T or Verizon.



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