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Comment: Patrol more, sit less (Score 1) 468 468

I understand cops ideally need to be parked somewhere to monitor traffic, but rush hour makes up a limited part of their day. And even then they can alter their location periodically to foil both stalkers and people hoping to avoid the upcoming speed traps.

It's not like, "But my app said you were further up the road," is going to get anyone out of a ticket. And all the invalid police location entries will keep the Waze users slowed down more than it would have if the cop stayed put because there's now a larger area they might get busted in.

Comment: Fake CC list wouldn't work (Score 1) 130 130

I can't speak to the other fake flooding ideas, but I do recall hearing a story where the reporter was shocked to learn that many who sell compromised CC lists offer a refund for any CC numbers that don't work. Putting out a long list of free numbers might district a few newbies, but the people with the experience and the financial backing wouldn't have been distracted by such free lists of dubious origin.

Comment: Rush that check to the bank (Score 1) 400 400

Good on Mozilla for getting an influx of cash, but I'll be changing the search preferences of every Firefox I install on my and my coworkers systems. Yahoo's little "no more working from home" mess was cited by our CEO as a reason to halt the practice where I work. So Yahoo can go fsck itself with a broken broomstick.

Comment: Going to miss my Droid 4's keyboard (Score 1) 544 544

I get the reason why manufacturers aren't producing slide out keyboards. Internationalization, easier to break, etc. That doesn't mean I like what's happening.

I'd like to see a flip phone that doubles as a wi-fi hotspot and then I'll just use a tablet for the things I wanted the "smart" part of the smartphone to do. (And it will look a lot less stupid than talking on a phablet that barely fits in anyone's hands who isn't 7 feet tall.)

Comment: Use the smart phones / tablets as controllers (Score 1) 559 559

Find a way to communicate between the next Wii and smart phones, perhaps via Bluetooth. Create an app that lets the phone act as a touch screen controller for games. Perhaps have settings and preferences that can be stored on the device so people can keep their settings when they visit friends to play. Perhaps use LAN TCP/IP protocols instead of Bluetooth if you want to make the software workable on sub-$100 tablets. (Because what adult lets their 5 year old nephew repeatedly drop an iPad?)

Comment: H1-B and/or specific (Score 1) 465 465

Both arguments I see are correct. I've personally seen it used to justify an H1-B and I have no doubt the internal promotion after a "public advertisement" arguments are both correct.

Next time I see such a specific placement ad, I may just call up the HR department and ask them whether or not I should bother submitting for a job as it seems they already have someone in mind.

Comment: Re:Where's the outrage?! (Score 1) 255 255

How am I supposed to be outraged when CM doesn't bother supporting my Android 4.x device? I'm not going to buy a several hundred dollar phone just so I can turn around and void the warranty on it. If I'm going to experiment with an unsupported OS, it will be because my carrier is never going to bother updating my phone OS again.

Comment: An unbottable game (Score 1) 285 285

If they want to prevent people from using bots, maybe they should END THE EFFING GRINDING. Seriously. What kind of entertainment company thinks people are entertained by repeatedly clicking a set of actions in the same place over and over again?

You want bots to stop being made? Stop making games that people don't want to have to drudge through.

Comment: The beatings will continue until morale improves (Score 1) 477 477

Because nothing improves morale like being stuck in traffic for 30-60 minutes each direction so you can sit in a low walled cubicle with your over-cologned and over-perfumed coworkers trying not to listen to them think out loud for most of 8 hours. And in this case, even the dehumanizing cubicle might be too much for employees to ask for.

Comment: Thankful for FBs action (Score 2) 192 192

I wouldn't have heard of this extension if FB hadn't done something to annoy this guy. I installed it this morning and tried it out. I like it. It does give me options Facebook doesn't offer and that I didn't even know I was missing. It probably won't be for everybody. Their overlay is well done, but is slightly different from FB's styles. That's probably a good thing. I'll be more likely to know where problems are coming from if I have any.

It's not all that different from using Greasemonkey scripts to fix sites, just with Facebook APIs thrown into the mix.

Comment: Incidental admission of an unrelated crime (Score 1) 452 452

A witness could, by virtue of their statements, admit to committing some crime they may not even be aware they were committing. Before testifying to anything I would want to be granted immunity to any crimes I may have, unknowingly or not, been committing myself. (Even if it's something as arbitrary as trespassing.)

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