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Comment Re:Useless (Score 4, Informative) 187

First, this allows you to see how the road curves very far ahead, and without using the high beams. It works much better then reflective paint.

Second, this is not painted on the road, it is a special strip that is embedded in the road surface. They can also send a tiny bit of current through it to intensify the glow, which is especially useful in winters. It essentially cuts the energy requirement with a factor of a few million (a number which I just made up).

Disclaimer: I live in the Netherlands

Comment Re:it's like that and that's the way it is (Score 1) 186

Thanks, that is a nice one!
One thing still bothers me with this: What if the second envelope had equal content to the first the whole time, but it just flips depending on the way you slice it open? That way, you can never prove that there is some entanglement, the association was made when the envelopes were created, and the flip (or not) to opposite is made only with local information.

Comment Re:The peril of new technology (Score 5, Insightful) 293

This is something I truly do not understand. Americans should be extremely proud of Tesla Motors! An american company launches their first fully in-house developed electric car, almost out of nothing, and completely blows away anything that is available anywhere in the world. Including decades old multi-billion dollar companies in Europe and Japan. This car is not cheap, but it is exclusive, well built, comfortable, reliable, has good range, incredible performance, is innovative and almost legacy-free. And very importantly (and surprisingly for an american car if I may say so) actually looks very good! Furthermore, the company takes initiative to create a very useful charging network, and has amazing customer service.
Americans, embrace Tesla Motors please!!

Comment Persistency is one of their virtues (Score 1) 616

Compared to many of its competitors, Microsoft is know at least for their perseverance. When they start something, you don't have to be afraid that they will drop it like a brick the next year. That, at least for many people I know, is a large factor in deciding whether to join in or not. Compare this to Google, however great their "free" services, that drops products whenever they feel like it. I myself was pissed off to no end after Google discontinued Reader, iGoogle, Latitude, and crippled the Maps app on Android.

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