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Comment: Re:No, we are not (Score 1) 276 276

by Wizworm (#32915454) Attached to: FCC Dodges Pointed Questions On US Broadband Plan

In my rural area I have access to 13 million acres of mostly wild fedral forest and many thousands of private forest (large corporation) within an hours drive, there are some ~10s of thousands of people in the greater (tri - village) area and a good number of these people choose to live in an extreme or often times 'off grid' or at least power only (no TV, well water, some have phone, no garbage, no city services like plowing). we are in a medium growth forest mountainous area so there is NO line of sight for well over half of that population, there is really no hope of getting them all high speed internet access, but I'm not sure that they would even want it.

Comment: Re:Problem isn't the units (Score 1) 1042 1042

by Wizworm (#32515982) Attached to: 2 In 3 Misunderstand Gas Mileage; Here's Why

The Guage system is completely intuitive (disclaimer, I shoot black powder smoothbore shotguns) 20 perfect*(pretty good) spheres of lead weighing 1 pound is a 20 guage shotgun. 12 perfect spheres of lead weighing 1 pound is a 12 guage shotgun.

They had acurate balance scales, but not acurate rulers. How would you solve this problem with no digital micrometer in sight.

Comment: Re:A matter of opinion (Score 1) 214 214

by Wizworm (#30751764) Attached to: The Worst Products of CES 2010

I bake bread as a hobby, I'd love to be able to program my high end steam oven to

baugette mode recipe
preheat - bake with convection fan on and 100% duty cycle steam at 500 degrees.
insert bread,
2nd step - stop convection fan, wait 5 minutes, reduce steam cycle to 50%, reduce oven temp to 400

etc etc, it would be different for chibatta, or brioche.

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