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Comment beer googles (Score 1) 136 136

Can this be combined with software to match the face to the "beauty mask" template, which measures the proportions of facial features to guage attractiveness? Adjusted for tolerance depending on how drunk the app user is / is prepared to get. I just want to coin the term "beer googles".

Submission + - Reason Seen More as Weapon Than Path to Truth->

mdsolar writes: "For centuries thinkers have assumed that the uniquely human capacity for reasoning has existed to let people reach beyond mere perception and reflex in the search for truth. Rationality allowed a solitary thinker to blaze a path to philosophical, moral and scientific enlightenment.

Now some researchers are suggesting that reason evolved for a completely different purpose: to win arguments. Rationality, by this yardstick (and irrationality too, but we’ll get to that) is nothing more or less than a servant of the hard-wired compulsion to triumph in the debating arena."

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