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Comment: Physical Disabilities (Score 1) 44

by Wintermute2_0 (#41722251) Attached to: The Group That Makes Tech Work For the Disabled
Great post. I'm still waiting for Apple to standardize switch access in iOS for those of us who can't use our hands. Sure, I still have my computer and the adaptive hardware that makes it completely accessible to me. But it would be nice if I could read a book or start a movie on my iPad without asking for help.

Comment: Re:Five minutes too long (Score 5, Insightful) 852

by Wintermute2_0 (#27288587) Attached to: Battlestar Galactica Comes To an End

Agreed. The scene with Adama on the hill was such a lovely coda to a series that had been playing with concepts of death, rebirth, and change for all four of its seasons. But then came those tacky five minutes which were made even worse with the inclusion of stock footage of those oh-so-threatening Japanese robots.

So, the moral of BSG is that I'm supposed to be afraid of my Roomba?

The hokey spiritualism also irritated me, but it seems like said hokey spiritualism is now a prerequisite for most televised SF (cf. Lost, Heroes). The networks seem to think the masses need a healthy serving of God with their spaceships and time travel or else they might change the channel.

Still, the first hour of the was as good as anything the series has ever done. And I liked how the original series' theme music was incorporated into the scene of the fleet heading for the sun. And Olmos should get an Emmy nod for breathing life into a character that could easily have turned into self-parody in the hands of a lesser actor.

Comment: Defending The Movies (Score 1) 795

by Wintermute2_0 (#14887741) Attached to: Movies Losing Popularity at Box Office
Maybe it's because I live in Minnesota, but when I go to movies, the audiences are usually civil and well-behaved. Sure, most films are teh suck, but I manage to find something I want to see every 4-8 weeks. I still like the communal experience of watching a movie in the theater. I like being around other people. It's too easy to cocoon ourselves in our homes with our home theater systems. Going to a movie is still something of an event for me. But maybe I'm a huge dork.

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