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Comment: Re:Glorified P.R. visit (Score 1) 104

by Winterblink (#19426099) Attached to: Eve Online to Elect Player Oversight Group
You probably haven't kept up on the full details of the issue (if you have an EVE account, consider reading the Player News Center for the full story). At any rate, CCP released a report of their own investigation into the issue explaining their actions. The tinfoil hat crowd of course cried foul, and that's probably how we ended up with this whole business.

Assuming they were in the right (and to be honest it seems perfectly logical given their explanations of what went on), then why fire anyone?
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Eve Online to Elect Player Oversight Group 104

Posted by Zonk
from the self-governance-is-the-best-kind dept.
StCredZero writes "The New York Times is reporting on plans by EVE Online developer CCP to open itself up to independent oversight. In response to the recent allegations of misconduct, they are proposing a system of 'nine player-overseers who will act as ombudsmen for the game's subscribers. The company says it will hold the elections in the fall.' Systems will be put into the game to support this ombudsmen status, making this (effectively) a player-run world governance system."

Fan-created Star Wars Spinoff in The Works 196

Posted by Hemos
from the better-then-crazy-lucas dept.
Lazarian writes "According to an article from the Edmonton Sun, director Mark Twitchell from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology has begun filming Star Wars: Secrets of the Rebellion, a non-profit venture expected to be released in 2008. From the article: "The 27-year-old Edmonton director begins shooting a feature-length independent Star Wars spin-off film at NAIT Saturday, and has amassed $60,000 to bring his dream to life. "I'm the only guy crazy enough to do this, because I'm not allowed to turn a profit. The film is for hardcore fans who miss the character development of the original trilogy.""

Urban-Themed Video Games 'Basically Dead'? 346

Posted by Zonk
from the fewer-boyz-less-hoodz dept.
simoniker writes "Midway CMO Steve Allison has been talking about why he thinks the urban game genre isn't worth entering, suggesting of the cancelled Snoop Dogg/John Singleton collaboration Fear & Respect, which was in development at Midway: 'We killed Fear and Respect... because we have enough data-points to know the hood thing is basically dead. It would be dead before it came out. And you don't want to come out on a dead vibe.' Do people really not care about GTA-style urban shooters any more?"

Microsoft Dismisses Xbox Backwards Compatibility 146

Posted by Zonk
from the look-back-move-forward dept.
kukyfrope writes "In a recent interview on U.K. site Kikizo Peter Moore, Microsoft's head of the Interactive Entertainment business, claims that Microsoft has 'under promised and over delivered' Xbox game compatibility on the Xbox 360. He states that gamers are now looking more towards next-gen titles, forgetting about the majority of Xbox titles." From the article: "Moore's comments shouldn't be misunderstood. MS will be adding to its backwards compatibility list, but it hardly seems like a priority now that the 360 is hitting its stride and the original Xbox is getting less and less support."
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EA Posts $16 Million Loss, Looks to Next-Gen Games 85

Posted by Zonk
from the big-get-smaller dept.
kukyfrope writes "Electronic Arts recently released its preliminary financial results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year ended March 31, 2006. While net revenue was up 16 percent to $641 million for the fourth quarter, the leading video game publisher suffered a net loss of $16 million. During the same period last year EA posted net income of $8 million. 'We are well into the console transition and now have more than 30 next generation games in development,' said Warren Jenson, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer."

On World of Warcraft's Network Issues 407

Posted by Zonk
from the in-queue-please-go-make-yourself-a-sandwich dept.
alphaneutrino writes to mention a C|Net article discussing some of the recent problems the World of Warcraft playerbase has experienced. From the article: "'Being a system administrator myself, I have some understanding of what goes on in a corporate data center,' said Evgeny Krevets, a sometimes-frustrated WoW player. 'I don't know Blizzard's system setup. What I do know is that if I kept performing 'urgent maintenance' and taking the service down without warning for eight-hour periods, I would be out of a job.' Blizzard blames some of the problems--such as the disconnection, for several hours on Friday, of players linked to several servers--on AT&T, its network provider. (AT&T did not respond to a request for comment.) "

Miyamoto on PS3, Industry 55

Posted by Zonk
from the what-a-nice-guy dept.
The Guardian Gamesblog has a talk up with Shigeru Miyamoto, where they get into his views on the PS3 delay, and the industry as a whole. From the article: "Any announcement about PS3 will affect Nintendo. But we don't see it as a competition between the two consoles, although the customers always do. It depends on what expectations people have of the PS3 and Revolution. Sony has taken a long time to create their machine but it is obvious that the direction we (Nintendo) are taking is different to the PS3."

The Chinese Socialist MMOG 200

Posted by Zonk
from the little-red-mmog dept.
GP writes "How different is China? In the online game version of the idealized Socialist state, you gain experience points by 'doing good deeds' and 'thwarting spys'. You can even meet Chairman Mao!" From a great writeup by Scott Jennings on the game: "And now we have the online MMO version, 'Learn From Lei Feng Online', which allows you to... mend socks. Again - not making any of this up. To quote from the original Xinhua story 'For beginners, sewing and mending socks is the only way to increase experience and to upgrade,' said Jiao Jian, a six-grade pupil in Yuexiu District, quoted by the newspaper. He then continues. 'Every time you are promoted to a higher level, your clothes will become more average,' he said. I'm pretty sure this isn't a translation screw up. The longer you grind, the more you look like everyone else. I guess new users wear designer pastels or something."

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