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Comment: I'll tell you what's going to happen (Score 1) 1072

by WinstonWolfIT (#49731709) Attached to: Los Angeles Raises Minimum Wage To $15 an Hour

The minimum wage in Melbourne Australia has been in the $15 range for many years, and where it 'hurts' is in the costs of the service sector. It's really tough to set the value of a Big Mac at like $5.50, and as a result I eat out much less than when I was in California. But, there is a large sector who will pay what it takes to indulge their behavioral addictions, and the service sector is nonetheless very robust. So yes there's a transfer of wealth into the lower income levels which results in them earning a living wage (minimum wage is tied to a percentage of the cost of living) and I find that far more tolerable than six people crammed into a 2-bedroom flat.

Comment: Re:Good for them! (Score 1) 204

EVE Online minimizes grinding. Irrespective of one's inclinations, it's not hard to hook up with like-minded players to contribute to some shared purpose. Highly skilled mining groups will take on a hauler to skill up and take a cut to become a highly skilled miner. Competent pvp groups will take on a relatively young player with limited assets and share access to resources. The social aspect is quite profound, actually.

Comment: Re:Never consumer ready (Score 1) 229

by WinstonWolfIT (#49454479) Attached to: 220TB Tapes Show Tape Storage Still Has a Long Future

I haven't been in a server room in an embarrassingly long time, but I understood enterprise drives to mean hot pluggable with online redundancy. For a not large business, knowing a drive failure would result in no downtime and never having to roll back to tape was worth virtually any premium. In this scenario, tape only came into play when wanting to retrieve deleted data.

Comment: Re:Corollary (Score 1) 278

by WinstonWolfIT (#49401915) Attached to: 9th Circuit Rules Netflix Isn't Subject To Disability Law

That guy in a wheelchair is specifically who I was referencing above. I was involved in ADA in California when it rolled out, working within a consultancy that advised businesses specifically in how to handle this tactic. The fun part is the consultant attorneys were formally qualified to argue to the California Supreme Court, whereas this guy's attorney couldn't get beyond municipal. Good times.

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