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Comment Re:Wow, an uprise about: law and moral ... (Score 1) 303

I make Manchurian Chicken all the time. It's a street delicacy served on toothpicks. There are infinite ways to make it. I post my variation on Manchurian Chicken online. It's a statement of fact which is not copyrightable. A code snippet is simply a recipe. It's not creative in the slightest, it's an example of how to solve a problem. Integrating the snippet into an actual work, it's the work that's copyrightable, not the statement of fact. This license debate has reached the limits of the absurd.

Comment Re:Practically speaking this amounts to guidelines (Score 2) 303

I doubt it'll impact me in the slightest. I use it to find workarounds to consuming complicated APIs and even the stuff I paste gets refactored beyond recognition from the original. To me, how to integrate with Oauth is a statement of fact with hundreds of examples, and by the time I've customized it for my needs good luck finding anything that might be its source.

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