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Submission + - Doctors on Edge as Healthcare Gears Up for 70,000 Ways to Classify Ailments writes: Melinda Beck reports in the WSJ that doctors, hospitals and insurers are bracing for possible disruptions on October 1 when the U.S. health-care system switches to ICD-10, a massive new set of codes for describing illnesses and injuries that expands the way ailments are described from 14,000 to 70,000. Hospitals and physician practices have spent billions of dollars on training programs, boot camps, apps, flashcards and practice drills to prepare for the conversion, which has been postponed three times since the original date in 2011. With the move to ICD-10, the one code for suturing an artery will become 195 codes, designating every single artery, among other variables, according to OptumInsight, a unit of UnitedHealth Group Inc. A single code for a badly healed fracture could now translate to 2,595 different codes, the firm calculates. Each signals information including what bone was broken, as well as which side of the body it was on.

Propoenents says ICD-10 will help researchers better identify public-health problems, manage diseases and evaluate outcomes, and over time, will create a much more detailed body of data about patients’ health—conveying a wealth of information in a single seven-digit code—and pave the way for changes in reimbursement as the nation moves toward value-based payment plans. “A clinician whose practice is filled with diabetic patients with multiple complications ought to get paid more for keeping them healthy than a clinician treating mostly cheerleaders,” says Dr. Rogers. “ICD-10 will give us the precision to do that.” As the changeover deadline approaches some fear a replay of the Affordable Care Act rollout debacle in 2013 that choked computer networks, delaying bills and claims for several months. Others recollect the end-of-century anxiety of Y2K, the Year 2000 computer bug that failed to materialize. “We’re all hoping for the best and expecting the worst,” says Sharon Ahearn. “I have built up what I call my war chest. That’s to make sure we have enough working capital to see us through six to eight weeks of slow claims.”

Submission + - Evidence of water found on Mars (

WinstonWolfIT writes: Reuters has posted a story about evidence of seasonal water flows on the surface of Mars. The implications are profound: Even if microbial life didn't happen to already exist (which I posit it probably does), it's entirely possible that our probes running around the surface may have sent traces of active life across, potentially "contaminating" Mars with our stuff.

Comment As a regular Groupon consumer (Score 4, Interesting) 107

My partner and I over the past few years have regularly used Groupon as a loss leader introduction to many many many restaurants in the Melbourne Australia area. First off, with but an exceedingly rare exception, the restaurants have treated us as first class citizens. Groupons customers who report otherwise arrived with a chip on their shoulders which is unfortunate and ultimately not my problem. They're dicks and should be treated as such. Second, several businesses have converted us to regular customers. And, truthfully, some businesses are so overpriced, they've converted us to strictly loss leader customers. Businesses that fail to deliver value -- even if rent prices force them into it -- must fail. But Groupon overall provides what they strive to, and we'll continue to allow them to introduce us to new restaurants.

Comment Re:Get Self-Employed (Score 2) 268

People don't resent the rich nearly so much as the guy next door, especially if he comes from a different cultural background. If a bricklayer lives next door to a bricklayer, and the neighbor has two new cars parked out front, bricklayer #1 is going to be miffed, and this has been proved repeatedly. Nothing drives spending like keeping up with the Kapinskies.

Comment Re:Those making more than new minimum salary (Score 1) 480

As they should. The bourgeois that can't afford a cook along-side the maid and butler need to learn to cook their own damn burger. In Australia with $15+ minimum wage, it costs $10 per person to eat fast food, and $20 per person to eat pub food. And as it should be, a lot less service class food is eaten, as eating out has become precisely the redistribution of wealth it was intended to be. The last time I was in the US, I felt *terrible* paying $10 for a burger plate in a pub because I knew the staff were getting positively fucked in the process.

Comment Re:Physics still applies, if you pee at an angle i (Score 1) 210

Amen. Pubs in Sydney had to remove breathalyzers because it turned into a contest to blow the highest number. Considering the laws there, I think that was the wrong response as they could simply cut off every bloke or sheila (yes, Aussie women also try to drink each other under the table) that blew say .1, win win.

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