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Comment Re:Get Self-Employed (Score 2) 268

People don't resent the rich nearly so much as the guy next door, especially if he comes from a different cultural background. If a bricklayer lives next door to a bricklayer, and the neighbor has two new cars parked out front, bricklayer #1 is going to be miffed, and this has been proved repeatedly. Nothing drives spending like keeping up with the Kapinskies.

Comment Re:Those making more than new minimum salary (Score 1) 480

As they should. The bourgeois that can't afford a cook along-side the maid and butler need to learn to cook their own damn burger. In Australia with $15+ minimum wage, it costs $10 per person to eat fast food, and $20 per person to eat pub food. And as it should be, a lot less service class food is eaten, as eating out has become precisely the redistribution of wealth it was intended to be. The last time I was in the US, I felt *terrible* paying $10 for a burger plate in a pub because I knew the staff were getting positively fucked in the process.

Comment Re:Physics still applies, if you pee at an angle i (Score 1) 210

Amen. Pubs in Sydney had to remove breathalyzers because it turned into a contest to blow the highest number. Considering the laws there, I think that was the wrong response as they could simply cut off every bloke or sheila (yes, Aussie women also try to drink each other under the table) that blew say .1, win win.