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Comment: Re:Good riddance (Score 1) 148

by Winn Schwartau (#31447030) Attached to: Apple Blocking iPhone Security Software
Done correctly, there is NO rubbish on your smartphone. We took an entirely new approach. And it's Apple approved. www.MobileActiveDefense.Com But it's much more than just about viruses. It's about hostile code and compromising networks (non compliant access), creating new bots and being ready for the next mobile OS that will be even MORE like a PC in a pocket.

Comment: Yes, Virginia, there IS iPhone Security. (Score 1) 148

by Winn Schwartau (#31443962) Attached to: Apple Blocking iPhone Security Software
Kaspersky is running into trouble for all sorts of reasons, especially taking a traditional, load up the endpoint with tons of processes and overhead. There is one Apple approved iPhone security product. Just announced a couple of days ago. www.MobileActiveDefense.Com Truth in Advertising: M.A.D. is so good, cool, etc. etc. I signed on as Chairman of the company. First product in 16 years.

Comment: Re:Industrial Profiling (Score 1) 581

by Winn Schwartau (#26428743) Attached to: Personality Testing For Employment
Oy vey! These are not multiple choice tests! They are conducted by experienced, trained professionals who are looking for 'Deception' in the interview 'process'. We are not talking simplistic binary answers. Since it works in countless applications, I choose to remain this, how do you eloquently phrase, it... ah... stupid. :-) And, oh yeah... they are NOT personality tests. It's about DECEPTION and proclivities. And, if you forgot to read, the results are one additional metric - not THE metric. OK? Chill... it's nothing more than risk mitigation.

Comment: Industrial Profiling (Score 1) 581

by Winn Schwartau (#26428145) Attached to: Personality Testing For Employment
I have been advocating Industrial Pyschological Profiling for almost 20 years as a means of filtering out unsuitable people for key IT positions. The logic is simple: As an employer, yoiu cannot ask all of the real meaningful questions that allow you to get to know them - P.C. rules. With IT staff often holding the keys to the kingdom, understanding what makes them tick is essential to well managed security and policy enforcement. What we care about is proclivity, tendancies, allegiances, and underlying character issues that can be quickly and easily determined (on a plus/minus scale...). These data then become a critical HR, security and management metric when hiring for key positions. I am a huge fan of the technique, and have been involved with various training experts and sessions on how to use this technique with specific application to I.T., critical infrastructure, finance etc.

Comment: Presidential Geek-o-Meter (Score 1) 950

by Winn Schwartau (#24797715) Attached to: How Can Nerds Make a Difference In November?
Geeks Speak: The Presidential Geek-o-Meter My suggestion is to create a simple page with âoeGeek Metersâ that measure the tech/cyber/inventive/ etc. abilities, proclaimations, ideas, from the two camps. We need to include the geeks who are high in the campaign, who have geek successes, good/bad/ugly. Essentially, a series of measurements (of course subjective, but I have an idea on that) based upon things like: - Years (or days) using email - User skills - Geek-Speak test - Can spell critical infrastructure and Linux in one breath - Tech future ideas/programs: REAL alternative energy not just drill deeper. :-)) Space Program. Back to fundamental research. I think it would be comparatively easy in a forum to come up with, say 100 geek criteria. We use board members (smart people like Slashdot people, for a vetting, weighting, tech journalists (who will help with major press). Then we create at the same time a (say (0-5) criteria measurement. We ask the campaigns to answer the questions. We have a voting system for the on-line folks, and then we have a dashboard with all of the collected data. We can add/subtract/ etc. additional topics along the way. At the bottom of the charts, take a total 100% weighting factor, and each candidate will get âoeGeek Vote Confidenceâ based upon the criteria the geek community itself decides. This is essentially a cooperative (hobby) web site, guerilla marketing, that is unique and allows true geek representation in the forum and space they/we all understand. this can also bring up serious political issues: - Believe the military should cyber-defend the U.S. private sector? - The private sector should defend itself. - Cyber-vigilantism should be allowed/denied - Make spammers pay with the death penalty (just kidding, but you get the point. - Intellectual property protection ideas/beliefs - Surveillance/cyber etc. rights, and beliefs THIS COULD BE FRICKING AWESOME if anyone wanted to get behind it with some time. I can make myself available for certain aspects of this. visit my web sites:,, See if this particular piece of Jello sticks. :-))))

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