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Comment: Re:I just want to know (Score 1) 538

by Winkkin (#47298359) Attached to: Teaching College Is No Longer a Middle Class Job
I think the point that everyone should be incensed about is the fact that other 106 university athletic program spent close to a billion dollars of university money and still had the audacity to claim they didn't break even. Lets go back to the Plato argument from earlier and agree that the motivators that drive our social systems problems are so much a part of our collective psyche that there may be no way to fix the problem short of scrapping the whole thing and starting with a truly clean slate. Acting in the best interests of ourselves and our family is human nature. All it takes is the willingness to justify wanting "a little more". Greed.

Comment: Really...A Black Hole?? (Score 1) 293

What if we've been looking at it all wrong. We tend to view this gravity well as the repository of a mass. What if instead it was these super massive black holes are really remnants of the universe's primordial gravitational field immediately prior to/at the time of inflation. Think about it topographically. We live on an inflation driven membrane of space-time, driven outward by inflation yet pinned to the universe through the gravitational field at our galaxy's center. Nothing fell in, we fell out.

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by Winkkin (#42732783) Attached to: Poor Sleep Prevents Brain From Storing Memories
I sleep about 3 hours a night and take 2-3 five-minute cat naps during the day. I've been sleeping like this for the better part of 40 years. When I lay down to sleep, I fall asleep almost instantaneously and don't wake up until my alarm goes off (Usually wake up just before). I'll usually have 1 night a week where I feel tired enough to get 4.5 hours in. I try to keep my sleep to multiples of 90-min (based in something I read on rem cycles). I'm 58 and have what I believe is respectable recall for someone my age. Don't know about the study subjects, but I think the quality of the sleep is more important than the amount.

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