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Comment Re:Refugees (Score 1) 173

Most of these refugees are unskilled for positions in European cities. With the skills they do have, they should start by employing those skills to help their brethren. It may take them 1-3 years of focused effort to acquired the skills to fit in in their new environment. Doesnt seem like they have much initiative though.

Comment Sleep habits run in the family (Score 1) 159

I'm 61 years old and in moderately good health. A lot of people say that I don't look a day over 45. I have slept no more than 5 hours a day, on more than 90% if the days, over the last 45 years. I usually sleep about 3 hours at night (actually, early morning, I work in a bar) and get in a 90 minute nap before going to work. Alert and active daily from 9AM till 7PM and work from 10PM till 4AM. Rinse and repeat. Had similar sleeping patterns over 30 years while I worked a 9-5. My father used to work 2 full time jobs and slept about 3 hours per night. Would leave for work at 5:30AM and come home at 12:30AM, the next day. Made ice cream in the morning and ran an overhead crane in a foundry evenings. Did it for 23 years. I'd bet DEC2 is capable of being passed on. Dad lived to be 93. Hope I have that gene too. Wonder if they'd like a DNA sample.

Comment Musings on the concept (Score 1) 325

What does putting an iPad in the hands of every school age child do to our carbon footprint? (that's inaddition to the smartphone they already carry) I mean if its a good idea for SanFran, wouldn't it be a good idea all-around? I think we're breaking the 'banks' with our push to faster, better, smarter, and just plain more.

Comment Re:TFA misses the point (Score 1) 60

I think the network provider has every right to monitor the traffic on their network to insure the quality of the system. That entails capturing certain information on practically every transmission. They probably don't need information on every packet, but designing complete capture is probably easier. Tagging is perfectly understandable.

Comment Trackability (Score 1) 60

Maybe people doesn't realize that the machine minds that monitor packet traffic have gotten so good at what they do, they just don't need the keys to keep track of all of it. Take the other piece of news today that Google, is getting out of the "Pay" business for digital download content. That was just their method of familiarizing their algorithm writers with the financial transaction process. Now the computers do their masters snooping without needing the non-core business of barter.

Comment Too Short-sighted!! (Score 1) 610

They should do the smart thing! Take the 50-year plan and get out of the business producing power business and transition into a pure distribution mode. The power companies should be encouraging us all to go the solar route where-ever economically and technologically feasible. Let the market dictate the rate, end the subsidies for solar installation, and encourage the sell back electricity. All with the understanding that 50 years from now most coal and gas fired plants will close their doors and we'll get all the "free" power we can collect. The idea of owning a mini-solar farm on 5 acres of cheap scrub land and driving an electric car doesn't sound so bad! The 50-year plan will work when resolving many issues. Poverty, unemployment, hand-gun proliferation, drug abuse, urban crime, ineffectual government. It only takes a well reasoned plan and the resolve to see it through.

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