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Comment Re:While they're at it: Integrate with tow/haul mo (Score 2) 112

Maybe you should try a Dodge truck. My Charger downshifts without me doing anything if idle throttle results in not enough braking force down a grade. It always holds the speed to +/- 1mph. It also has adaptive cruise - the one option I appreciate the most, times 10. It really shines on a rainy night, when the guy in front hits his brakes enough to light the brake lights but not enough to slow his speed. It doesn't slow down unless he really does slow down, and without it I'd be tapping my brakes whenever I see his light up. And it's collision warning has saved me once from a fender bender, or maybe worse. I can't say enough about the software in my Charger; everything it does is just what I'd want it to do.

Comment Re:Terrible summary (Score 1) 124

"The only facts are that Apple can read iMessages, and that this was always well known and obvious."

Well, except that they can't, and never did.

Now I'm sure you will choose not to believe this, but think for a minute ... just how much trouble do you think Apple would be in if they are lying about this and get caught at it? Not even a stupid company would take such a chance, and Apple ain't stupid.

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