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Comment: TNG == Social workers in space (Score 1) 480

by WindSword (#48891645) Attached to: Best 1990s Sci-fi show?
I still am a huge fan of TOS, so it was hard for me to admit that B5 stole The Federation's lunch money. Stop worrying about FX and enjoy the writing and the story arc. Yeah, there were some naff episodes, but I submit 'Angel 1' and 'Up the Long Ladder' and all of Derp (sic) Space Nine as evidence.

Live long and prosper - and faith manages.

Comment: Re:Great show (Score 3, Interesting) 106

by WindSword (#48646019) Attached to: Behind the Scenes With the Star Trek Fan Reboot
I did the same after watching The Pilgrims of Eternity and I'm glad I did. Lolani was a true Trek episode, it was a "thinker". Fairest of Them All was a good follow up to Mirror, Mirror - much better than Enterprise managed.

What makes these shows so good is not only the very faithful recreation of the Enterprise and all that goes with it, but the effort that goes into the scripts. If you haven't watched them, do so and enjoy.

I felt the same joy as when I was a child in the 60s watching these for the first time and remembering how I wanted to be James T. Kirk For those of you who don't get the original series and grew up with Social Workers in Space aka ST:TNG, you need to understand how important this show was for science fiction fans. Before Star Trek, most science fiction on TV was pure dreck. The most notable exception being The Twilight Zone which did some good SF episodes. The Outer Limits managed a few good episodes, most notably two written by Mr Happy, Harlan Ellison. Star Trek was different and even though I didn't appreciate it as a six year old, was raising a lot of issues and providing me with an education. I first heard of John Milton and my first Shakespeare here and as I grew older, I understood the subtexts of the plots.

OK, some of the episodes weren't great and by today's standards the special effects really show their age, but remember when it was made. The 60's was a seriously weird time to grow up. The Vietnam war was in full swing as was the fight for equal rights for all - and we had hippies. Amidst all of this, we were still being fed the Brady Bunch on prime time TV. Star Trek was different. "You don't know, man, you weren't there."

Finally, as a bonus for my contribution to KirkStarter (sic) I got a signed photo of the seriously gorgeous Michele Specht which I've had to hide from my partner to maintain the peace. Phwoar!

Comment: Please stop fixing unbroken things. (Score 1) 647

by WindSword (#39029819) Attached to: GNOME 3: Beauty To the Bone?

"Displaying multiple windows at the same time means that screen space isn’t used efficiently, and it means that you don’t get a focused view of what it is that you are interested in. Windows that aren’t maximised also create additional tasks for people. Often you need to adjust their size, or you have to move them around."

So I'm now too stupid to use a GUI? Why not take this to it's logical conclusion and only allow one window to be open?

Comment: Re:You know what would bring a lot of users back? (Score 1) 397

by WindSword (#37949472) Attached to: Google Tweaks Algorithm As Concern Over Bing Grows
Agreed. But I'd add autocomplete that you can't turn off, instant previews which you can with GreaseMonkey and the annoying +1 which is just noise. I'd also undo the miasma of shit that is Google News. It was a great place to get the headlines - tailored to one's needs. Now it's more "Shut up and eat it" from Google. Editor's picks, Spotlight, Most popular and "tailored" content that appears to be tailored for someone whom I do not know.

Stop putting fins and chrome on, Google. You're not making it better.

You are lost in the Swamps of Despair.