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Comment Re:And the wind farm finances collapse like clockw (Score 1) 178

Actually, it really does NOT matter. The fact is, that the NEW wind Generators will be built higher and will be in a wind stream that should give them over 50-60% of the time with wind. IOW, right now, these generators are around 30%. The new ones that are going in RIGHT NOW, will be running about double the time.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 178

I can see why you are AC. You do not have a fucking clue of what you are saying. You think that America's taxes on oil and coal is creating artificially low prices? Oil prices are low because of fracking combined with every nation now dumping on the market so that they keep their % of the market regardless of prices.

And coal prices dropped because nat gas prices, along with WInd prices, are much lower than electricity from coal . In fact, the ONLY thing keeping it up to this price is that fact that we continue to increase coal to CHina.

Comment This is why we need nukes and storage (Score 2) 178

Seriously, so many far left wingers run around screaming that we should depend on 100% wind and solar. Yet, both require the sun to work. Now, what happens if say Yellowstone blows? Well, there goes 75% of our energy RIGHT WHEN WE NEEDED IT. Likewise, just by starting massive forest fires in the west, a nation can drop our electricity by 10% if we depend on nothing by solar and wind.

We absolutely need to have Solar and WInd. BUT, it should not be more than 33% of our capacity. We NEED Nukes to replace first coal, and then nat gas. In addiiton, with gem IV MST reactors, we can burn up the majority of nuke waste, while replacing old reactors.

Comment Re:anti H1B job protectionism (Score 1) 130

The problem is not that we have immigrants moving to America. The REAL issue is that they move here under H1B which means that they work only for 1 company getting paid extremely low wages and most will return to their home.
What is needed is to REMOVE the [HL]1B programs, and then allow for more visas. Basically, it is not a problem to have talented ppl move to America. It is only a problem when they are replacing other ppl at much lower wages due to artificial constraints.

Comment Re:anti H1B job protectionism (Score 1) 130

quick start?
They have been doing this for the last 30 years. What exactly do you think made them go so fast.
Hell, with the clinton-china accord they were supposed to dump all of their subsidies, tariffs, etc. AND quit manipulating their money. Not a THING has been done.

Comment Re:Noooo, Seriously? (Score 1) 157


Nothing frustrates me more than when I hear the far left say that we should allow China to continue on their path. The right will scream that we are letting them get away with murder (of course, they do not mean it literally, but it is ), however, they refuse to put a tax on goods even though any company can easily get out of it: SImply have the parts manufactured in clean states/nations.

Now, to be honest, we should not do a tariff (which is a tax on goods that move in/out of a nation/state). Instead, it should be a tax on all goods that are consumed locally. And it should be BEFORE the retailer, or if mailed, as part of that. With this approach combined with real monitoring,and normalizing based on emissions / GDP, we can reward those nations that clean up, while going after those that are chosing to emit. In addition, if a nation does like China and manipulates their money by dropping its value, that is fine. It simply means more emissions / $ GDP. As such, it behooves nations to NO cheat at it.

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