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by WindBourne (#47747321) Attached to: Finding an ISIS Training Camp Using Google Earth
I have been paying attention. There are many that call for America (and the west) to go back into Iraq with troops. WORST IDEA GOING. This needs to be done by their own troops. However, just because they changed generals and leaders does NOT solve the issues. In particular, Iraqis' need to set their religion and focus on being a nation. That is, that they pull together AS A NATION, and not as tribal warlords, which is exactly where they are at today.

In addition, for O to go back into Iraq, we actually DO need CONgress permission. Why? Because this will be a THIRD war (2 bushes and now O). In fact, we will have no choice but to bomb major parts of Syria, which by definition will require CONgress. And we have already seen that CONgress blocked O from going to Syria in the first place and stopping Assad and ISIS. IMHO, it was the house GOP that created this vacuum that allowed ISIS to expand.

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Yes, it works so great to instead pacify these ppl and turn the other cheek. Thank God that Churchill continued Chamberlin's approach of pacifying Hitler all during the 30s. And likewise, when we pacified USSR's Stalin, he settled right down. And the same with Mao and Pol Pot. Likewise, when Europe pacified Mladi, it never lead to horrible results.

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It is sad that you had to resort to ad hominum thereby nullifying anything that you say rather than think things through.
Was I frightened? Nope. However, this is a group that wants to be a NATION. This is supposed to be a state. Now, they take a journalists, capture him, torture him for multiple years and then in the end, saws off his head. Frightened? No. However, a nation that would BUTCHER somebody like this, would be universally condemned.

In addition, ISIS has shown that they will BUTCHER anybody that they differ with. It is NOT terrorism that they are practicing. It is genocide. They intend to purge Iraq and Syria of all ppl that are NOT Christian. They blame them for everything. THis is really no different than when Hitler blamed the jews (yeah yeah, godwin and all).

In addition, as I have said elsewhere, I do not believe that our going back with troops will be useful. WHy? Because this has gone on for centuries. But, to want to stop this does not make a person frightened. It makes them sane. And capitulating to them like Britain did to Hitler, will only make them aggressive.

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First off, this is in a part of Iraq that the Iraqi gov does NOT control. They probably would have little issues with us taking it out.
Secondly, W has already shown that CONgress can be conned into anything.
Third, while I am in favor of blowing this to bits (along with the recruits), it does ZERO good, unless the iraqi gov and army is ready to defend itself AND if the gov. is ready to change. The iraqi regime that is in control is Shias and they have not been willing to work with the Sunnis. In fact, they did to Sunnis, what SUnnies did to them for many decades. What is needed now, is for their military to take back that region (with the west's help), and then grow up and act like a nation and not a religion.

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Seriously, after that sawing off a live man's head, I have NO problem with blowing these assholes away. In fact, I would be happy to pull the trigger to launch.

Now, the real question is, did this interfere with an on-going operation? I would hate to think that showing them how easy it is to find out info from their propaganda would stop its flow.

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And China, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Burma, and Russia agree with you. They think that the west should get rid of ALL OF THEIR NUKES. And you know what. It would be a MUCH SAFER place. After all, we never ever see nations like North Korea invade places like South Korea, Or Pakistan invade India, or China invade Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Phillipines, etc. Or Russia invade say Ukraine.

Yes, it will makes all safer for the west to drop all of our nukes right away.

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Seriously, H1B allows a company to LOCK IN SOMEBODY at a low rate. Basically, they are a slave here.
Likewise, more than 50% of our legal visas go to Mexico, and little of it is for those that can help America.

We need to solve the illegal issue AND CHANCE THE IMMIGRATION LAWS. Get rid of H1/2 B. It is a NIGHTMARE. And quit making visa be based on nations or who they know here. Instead, make the green card be based on what the person can do here (i.e. PhDs or expertise in needed areas). However, with a green card, it means that these ppl can move around to better jobs.

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You obviously do not realize. In this case, they do not have footings on those. Just a base. As such, they can do that elsewhere and bring it in via truck (have to reach the area via car, so, it is right on a parking lot). Taking this approach, they can cut the time needed in half, and possibly the money.

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Because a city in Utah had already started a system and had it in place, they were able to lease it to Google, which Google did.
If anything, that shows that gov. helping its citizens, and then working businesses, goes MUCH FURTHER, than allowing large business monopolies.

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