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Comment: Re: We the taxayer get screwed. (Score 1) 348

First, I never said Solar. I said AE. It COULD be Solar, but it can also be wind, hydro, whatever. More importantly, HVACs use 1/2 to 2/3 of a buildings energy. By requiring a NEW building to have on-site AE energy equal to HVAC's energy, it allows builders to choose between:
1) insulating better ( R-30 in the walls aerogel based windows, etc),
2) using better forms of HVAC such as geo-thermal heatpumps,
3) using large amounts of AE,
4) OR various combinations within.

And since this is replacing the energy/money that would go out, this is NOT a tax, but simply requiring that ppl live cleaner, and pay up-front.

Secondly, I mostly agree about SpaceX, HOWEVER, the fact is, that they are doing INNOVATIVE work such as landing and re-use of the equipment. More importantly, spaceX's REAL innovation, like Tesla's and Solar Cities, is NOT seen. It is in their manufacturing.

3) Before the roadster came out, ppl said that Tesla would NEVER get off the ground like Musk promised.
Then when Roadster hit the market, they said that the Model S would NEVER go for under 100K like Musk promised. Now, ppl say that it will NEVER be down to the 35K like Musk promises.

If you are SO sure about your beliefs, then please short Tesla (and Solar City). Ideally, you should short Tesla in the next 2 weeks if you have any real belief and want to avoid being a hypocrite.

Comment: Re: We the taxayer get screwed. (Score 2) 348

You have to be kidding.
Tesla has a supercharger that charges 80% in 40 minutes or less. Likewise, their batteries are not only, the cheapest per KW, but also lasting the longest of any li-ion in vehicles.
Spacex is working towards landing first stage as well as the capsule and re-using it quickly. Nobody had a pusher abort system that can be used for landing on earth as well as mars and the moon. In addition, nobody has done a full stage methane engine, but Tesla is testing theirs now.
now, we have solar city. At this time, I would not call them innovative, but that could change.
So, musk companies are adding massively to american economy, while others continue to outsource, while killing off R&D.

Comment: Re:Tesla Is Good For All (Score 1) 348

DO you really think that 7K makes a difference to the average buyer of a Model S? Nope.
However, where the model S has sold, it HAS cut the sales of Lexus, Caddies, Porsche Panamera, etc. IOW, cars that are of the same class are way down in sales. And with the Model X coming in 2 months, it should kill off sales like Escalade, along with the Cayennes, etc.

Within 2 year, the Model 3, at a price of $35K, will be at the average price of a car sold in America. That will make a HUGE difference not only to buyers, but to other car makers.

Comment: Re:I'll pay for subsidies here any day. (Score 2) 348

They forgot the benefit that it gets us out of the Middle East. That sandtrap is a massive waste of resources that I hate is being subsidized.

If only the Middle East were our main source of oil... it isn't.* And even with the shift to electric vehicles and solar power, petrochemicals are still vitally important industrial feedstocks, and thus a stable Middle East is still of prime economic interest to the West.

If we quit burning oil/nat gas, America will not need to import any oil. We have plenty for all of the other uses.

Comment: Re:I'll pay for subsidies here any day. (Score 1) 348

The subsidies you want to pay, then, is to the frackers, and shale oil extractors. Not to some dot.bomb Paypal wiz kid who's the new Paul Allen.

LOL. Uh, no. We need to STOP subsidies on oil AND Solar TODAY, along with changing the subsidies on Wind, other AE, EVs, Energy Storage, and nat gas use in Commercial Vehicles.
By stopping subsidies for oil and in fact, raising the gas/diesel taxes so that they support the roads properly, it will encourage Americans to move off ICE.
Likewise, we should stop the EV/hybrid subsidies, and instead, simply offer up a limited time subsidy based on range. Hybrids keep us tied to oil. And EVs like the leaf will actually cost us MORE down the road due to their small amount of storage. Instead, we should offer up $3.5K for any vehicle below 100 MPC based on EPA rating. Then offer up $7k for vehicles between 100-149 MPC. Finally, for anything that gets 150 MPC on-up, they should get $14K.
In addition, we should provide limited time subsidies for COMMERCIAL vehicles, or any LARGE passenger vehicle, for using Nat Gas, and within 3 years, only for series hybrids using Nat Gas. This will allow for these vehicles to stop using diesel (which we import via oil imports), and the series hybrid will get them moving towards electric which will allow us to stop using nat gas down the road.
Wind should be stopped in 2-4 years.
And then Energy Storage should be given a LIMITED TIME subsidy that starts high and drops every year. In addition, it should be different based on usage (residential vs commercial vs utility, with Utility and Commercial being the more valuable).

Comment: Re:Manufacturing buisness supported by government. (Score 4, Insightful) 348

Not only should it be a % like it is for regular ppl, but, we should jump that % up for environmentally sensitive land, and drop it for land that is not.
In addition, we should require that drillers and piping companies be held responsible for their actions. Yet, we do not.

Comment: Re:Manufacturing buisness supported by government. (Score 2) 348

You must be one of the paid russian trolls.
1) 90s was about the internet being opened.
2) the only real manufacturing that we lost during the 90s was steel.
3) it was during 00's that America lost the majority of our manufacturing, due to tax codes that W/neo-cons passed (and is STILL on the books).
4) manufacturing is REQUIRED by nations to keep designs going.

What is needed is to remove subsidies for OLD technology and then have limited time subsidies for any new tech that we want to develop. For example, we SHOULD use subsidies to get Thorium/Molten Salt reactors going. Likewise, we SHOULD use subsidies to get Energy Storage going. The difference is that these should ONLY be used on products from nations that do not block ours or dumps theirs on our markets.

Comment: Re: We the taxayer get screwed. (Score 5, Interesting) 348

Actually, Apple, Microsoft, and Google have taken billions in money from the feds.
In addition:
1) Solar City is only everybody's buildings. Also, we should stop the Solar subsidies since many companies no longer need them. Far better is to simply require that all new buildings below 6 stories to have enough on-site AE to equal their HVAC's energy usage.
2) SpaceX is the cheapest launch system going. Bar none. And they are about to be even cheaper. So far, SpaceX has actually SAVED the feds more money than it has costs them.
3) Tesla's Model S and X is currently for the upper middle class to wealthy. Probably it is the upper 1/3 that affords these. OTOH, in about 2 years, it will be the upper 2/3 that affords them.

Finally, claiming that it is the POOR that pay for these subsidies is a joke. Right now, in America, the bottom 50% pay NOTHING in the federal taxes. So, like the rest of your post, total BS.
And it would be irresponsible for Musk to NOT take the subsidies. Where the real problem is, that gov, feds and states, are giving these out. Hell, the fossil fuel industry gets 8B / year. That should be stopped NOW.

Comment: Re: We the taxayer get screwed. (Score 5, Informative) 348

How funny.
Tesla employed over 6000 full-time last sept. That does not include ppl working on gigafactory.My guess is that with model X gearing up that it will jump to 10,000 by Jan.
Solar city employs full time over 8000 as of Dec, 2014. And they doubled last year They are still hiring like mad. Again, that does not include those working on the new 1gw/year solar plantS. On a side note , it turns out that solar employs more ppl than coal.
spacex employed more than 3000 last summer when they cleaned house of 150. In addition, they said that they would be at 3600 by 2015.

So, musk employs conservatily, 25,000 ppl and it is growing very fast. OTOH, the fossil fuel industry is subsidized more than 8b PER year in America. In fact, we pay 1 B / year to cover coal miners health. I would suggest that we look to kill a number of subsidies, esp in the fossil fuel arena.

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