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Comment: I have wondered about doing 'leasing' for .... (Score 1) 43 43

residential HVAC. Basically:
1) insulate a home;
2) put in new windows, doors;
3) put in LED bulbs;
4) put in geo-thermal HVAC;

Then for the next 10-15 years, collect the difference on the utility bill. After that, the changes belong to the home.
It seems like this might be a win-win type operation.

Comment: Re:The bravest astronaut (Score 1) 42 42

SpaceX is a new company and had 19 launches before failure on this. Even now, we still do not know what caused this.
They have already shown that had this been a manned flight, that the crew would have survived just fine. Hell, the dragon stayed whole after the explosion and that was without an escape system.

I suspect that PLENTY of astronauts and regular citizens such as myself, would feel very happy and trusting of SpaceX. The same for CST-100 on Atlas or Delta. And even Soyuz.

I will give you credit. Most of the trolls here are done as ACs.

Comment: Re: Fricking finally. (Score 1) 292 292

I do not think so.
I think that the big sites are ALL ready for IPv6. Netflix, Walmart, Amazon, etc are all ready.
So, if several of these large ISPs decide to go IPv6 only, they MIGHT lose a few customers, but I suspect not many. In fact, if they announce this together and give others 1 year to get their act together, we would likely see a change on all sites/ISPs.

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