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Comment: Wind has been cheaper than Coal in USA.... (Score 1) 610

by WindBourne (#48137745) Attached to: Wind Power Is Cheaper Than Coal, Leaked Report Shows
for sometime as well. The problem is that in America, it is only cheaper than Nat Gas in a FEW areas. Otherwise, Nat Gas is actually cheaper than most wind. However, it is expected that Nat Gas will hit 5/MMBTU in the coming year, at which point, Wind is cheaper than nat gas.

What is really needed is CHEAP storage. For example, EOS energy is cheap cheap storage. We utilities to expand this, and at the same time, move to microgrids, rather than 3 large grids in America.

Comment: Re: Never made an honest dime (Score 1) 181

by WindBourne (#48123903) Attached to: The Cult of Elon Musk Shines With Steve Jobs' Aura
You are right. It is not all musk. All of these companies count on top ppl. But, the original design of f9 was musk. Likewise, he is responsible for a number of manufacturing designs and innovations. Likewise, he has surrounded himself by engineers and in general, gotten rid of MBA's, who have become the bane of american businesses.

Comment: Re: Obama's done more than Elon musk (Score 1) 181

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Noah, All of the major car companies are banding together to do fuel cells that use hydrogen derived from Nat gas.
When gen 3 hits the market in about 3 years, few will want to buy a fuel cell car. As it is, the only reason why leaf and volt outsell model s is not because those owners do not want Tesla. It is simply because they can not afford it. Gen 3 will force all major car companies to switch to electric, rather than loose major shares to Tesla.

Comment: easy to run cat 6 around the house (Score 1) 279

Seriously, it is a lot easier to run cat 6 around a house.
First off, you have to be living in KC. That means that you have a basement. That means that you can run cat 6 into the first floor trivially. The hard part is dealing with the upstairs.
Depending on the builder, you likely have a tunnel that goes from the basement to the attic, or you might have 1-2 2 or 3" conduits going from the basement up to the attic. You can simply run a single line up there and then put in place a switch, while you splay out to the various runs from the attic.
If you do not have the easy access, then hire somebody to run a cat 6 inside of a conduit from the basement to the attic on the outside of the house. Do it in a corner, next to a downspout, etc. Then paint the conduit.

Also do yourself a favor and run a line to the outside. Ideally, it will be trivial to disconnect (or more likely connect). I ran line up from the basement up to the dining area which the deck is outside of. Inside, I put this in a single gang box, with 2 quickports RJ-45s. The bottom one goes to the basement/network switch. The upper jack goes to an outside jack. When I want the outside, I simply plug in a small 4" connector. Otherwise, it leaves me an inside connection (useful for winter).

Comment: Skip H1-Bs (Score 1) 293

by WindBourne (#48088743) Attached to: Former Infosys Recruiter Says He Was Told Not To Hire US Workers
Look, if America needs the help, then they should be getting a green card, not a temp visa. As such, we need to solve the illegal issue along with a real deal on visas. We should drop the H1-Bs, and instead, put national needs at the front of the line. That means that if an AMERICAN company is unable to hire somebody local, then THEY can get more green carded legal immigrants.

And no, foreign companies should not be allowed to bring ppl in from overseas to do the work.

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