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Comment: Re:They do need a LOT of help (Score 1) 39

by WindBourne (#48906719) Attached to: Inside Ford's New Silicon Valley Lab
Spend time in the model S.
Believe me, the physical buttons SUX once you spend time on the Model S.
Heck, you mention volume and and channels, and yet, radios can be changed. That makes it hard to deal with.
With the large screen, it is possible for Tesla to allow us to have our own layouts (and it will come).

Comment: Follow Germany's lead (Score 1) 39

by WindBourne (#48906677) Attached to: Inside Ford's New Silicon Valley Lab
Germany is currently behind in driving automation, but by their gov. creating a lane between 2 cities in which only partial and fully automated cars car drive, well, they will move this up QUICKLY.
If Tesla and Google want to retain their lead and Ford wants to join them, then they should encourage California to create some lanes that are 50 miles or long on road that are heavily traveled by commuters. In addition, CA would be wise to let these companies use some of their cars for experiments.

Comment: increase and change visa's. (Score 1) 512

by WindBourne (#48881371) Attached to: Senator Who Calls STEM Shortage a Hoax Appointed To Head Immigration
Visa's should be awarded based on nation need first. Iow, we should increase yearly visa ( say 15% more ), and then make 50% of all visa's dependent on nations need and candidates education. The rest can remain as it is.

however, they need to resolve the current group of illegals as well as change what is citizen, along with who can run for president/VP.

Comment: Re: many are scummy. A few quite useful (Score 1) 104

by WindBourne (#48862817) Attached to: Google Pondering $1 Billion Investment In SpaceX's Satellite Internet
Actually,many of us will tell you that sales ppl and marketers ARE four-letters words. Sales ppl have little to no integrity, and even less knowledge of the product. Fuck, they run telling you that they do not sell the product, but themselves through any means possible.

given the choice of keeping sales, or keeping manufacturing/engineering, well, only idiots go with sales/marketing.

If this is a service economy, why is the service so bad?