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Comment: this is musk only bad idea. (Score 1, Interesting) 499

by WindBourne (#49594041) Attached to: Tesla Announces Home Battery System
Seriously, the man is a genious, but batteries for homes is not that good, unless it is possible for utility to control them as well. At the very least, Tesla should make available server software that utility can interact with home batteries when owner allows. In seasonal weather with high demands and when solar can be blocked via clouds or length of day, it is best to allow utility to control when to charge them , or buy from them.

Comment: Re: Elon Musk (Score 2) 107

by WindBourne (#49582851) Attached to: Russian Cargo Spacehip Declared Lost
Bruce, it is at vandenberg. The launch vehicle is already there, and has been tanked 1 already.
In addition, it is only using 3 engines, not all 9. As such, it is thought that it was a converted grasshopper.

The launch pad abort was supposed to have happened long ago, and then I had heard Feb, and then april and now a NET of May 5th.

As to the delays, yeah, most, if not all, was caused by spaceX focusing on getting their launch rate way up, along with the 2 failed landings. But, in light of NASA's dicking around with SpaceX and giving preference to Boeing to the point that SpaceX can not go to the ISS until Boeing has done so, you really can not blame them.
I will say that if Soyuz fails (sad thought since that implies loss of life), then SpaceX's dragon 2 will no doubt be moved up in priority since it is by far the closest.

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