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Comment: Re:GPS needed for everything (Score 1) 114

by WindBourne (#47484637) Attached to: Preparing For Satellite Defense
Nearly all of it. THey have interia guidance systems for dealing with this. By the time that an ICBM is in space, they are no longer using GPS.

Now as to conventional stuff, we have multiple ways of triangulating and controlling locations. If GPS is taken out, then the battle field will still be OK. Where GPS really helps is if you want to change a cruise missile, etc in-route to a different target and you do not have an active targeting system.

Comment: WRONG. (Score 2, Informative) 114

by WindBourne (#47484609) Attached to: Preparing For Satellite Defense
The route that they are going, is NOT defensive. It is OFFENSIVE. Look, lets say that the west decides to launch against China. By the time that China realizes this, the ICBMs are on their way and have already switched off from sats and are working with intertia systems.

Where anti-sat systems come into play, from a military pov, is knocking out the enemies eyes and communications PRIOR to your launching first strike.
China is busy developing a first strike set-up, that is useless for defense.

In addition, it is now known by the general public that China has active nuclear work going on. They can claim only 300 warheads, but, why hide a nuke facility underground and by a lake then? There was no reason for it, UNLESS you are up to things that get around treaties.

Comment: The scary part about this (Score 1) 114

by WindBourne (#47484547) Attached to: Preparing For Satellite Defense
is that the anti-sat systems are really only useful in a FIRST ATTACK.
China is NOT thinking of MAD. They are planning and designing a first strike system.
This WILL lead to a war between the wests and China, along with China's Allies (north Korea, Iran, and whom ever else China is sharing nuke secrets with).

Comment: This COULD mean trouble for OSS (Score 1) 300

by WindBourne (#47460987) Attached to: Massive Job Cuts Are Reportedly Coming For Microsoft Employees
Right now, MS is loaded with some of the worst coders in the world. They continue to produce loads of crap. And like IBM, they have been following the path of finding cheaper, rather than better.
If they let a lot of trash go and start hiring GOOD coders, they might actually finally produce a decent OS.

But thankfully, that has not happened in nearly 50 years, so....

Comment: Re:A better world starts at yourself, but... (Score 1) 706

Which is why I have not bought CFLs in 5 years and am only replacing the bulbs in our house with CREE (and a few philips, but I try to avoid them since they are produced in the worst nation in terms of pollution).
Your second point is the WHOLE issue. I look forward to OCO2. It will show the world one hell of a surprise. Things are far worse than is known, and we are actually encouraging the worse nations to continue getting worse.

Comment: what is sad is that low power is now economic (Score 1) 706

Seriously, we put solar city on our house (46 panels). Right now, we pay $100/month for electricity and are locked in on that rate. We even end up with extra that is sold to Xcel (we expect about $300 back at the end of the year from them). Xcel is already pushing to increase their rate for next year (to 14.5/KWH) and we will continue to pay only $8 / month to Xcel for their base. Even better yet is the fact that we grandfathered in with this so that as Xcel's prices increase, they will be forced to pay us the same price. Down the road, they will get that part removed for NEW installs.

We then changed out our bulbs from a mix of incandescents/CFLs to mostly LEDs with about 13 more bulbs to replace. We did that when Cree bulb prices dropped to below $10/$5 for Br30/A19. We will replace the other 13 when the prices drop again (6 of these are the global bulbs used in a bathroom; so the bulbs are right now $20 for good ones and I refuse to buy the cheap junk from GE, Lights of America, ecosmart, etc ). Once that is done, then only 3 bulbs will remain, which will simply continue to use the old bulbs on (crawl space; under-stairs;outside light that is almost never used).
We have figured out that based on the KWH, that we save about $5-10/month (we have kids that leave lights on). As such, these will be all paid for in 2 years. That is not a bad deal considering that we have removed nearly all of the mercury, and no longer have to wait for CFLs to come on (well 7 bulbs, but they will be replaced at the next sale of cree ).

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