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Comment: Re:CRAP!!! (Score 2) 106

by WillyWanker (#48646493) Attached to: Behind the Scenes With the Star Trek Fan Reboot

Well there are other things that are important as well as the story -- the acting, casting, staying faithful to the canon -- all things that Continues fails. Vic does a horrible Shatner impersonation and both he and Haberkorn sound like they're on helium. Not to mention Vic being about 15 years too old to be playing TOS Kirk. And instead of using the Kirk, Spock, McCoy dynamic that dominated TOS and made it special they have chosen to push McCoy into the wings and introduce the canon-breaking character of Dr. McKennah, who just happens to be played by Vic's Barbie-doll girlfriend.

For a project that continually pounds its chest proclaiming they are the most faithful and accurate TOS production they've made a whole lot of poor choices that belies their highly-inaccurate claim.

Comment: CRAP!!! (Score 2) 106

by WillyWanker (#48645037) Attached to: Behind the Scenes With the Star Trek Fan Reboot

You want the real continuation of the 5 year voyage? Go with the guys that have been making episodes for over 10 years.

Vic and his crew are no where near the level of accuracy and faithfulness to TOS as the New Voyages team is, and their latest episode, Mind-Sifter is all the proof you need.

Comment: Or, I dunno... (Score 2) 554

by WillyWanker (#48391337) Attached to: The Downside to Low Gas Prices

Find another way of funding the HTF that doesn't rely upon bleeding more gas money from people.

People drive less and buy more fuel efficient vehicles because the price of gas is so fucking high. Lower the price and people will drive more because the amount they spend on gas every month won't be the same as their rent.

Basic Economics 101. Not surprising it goes right over their heads.

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