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Comment Cheap 10" Android tablet? (Score 1) 169

Does one exist? It seems there are plenty of cheap 7" tablets to go around, but once you get into the 10" range the only cheap ones are Windows tablets. If you can make a $200 10" Windows tablet why are all the 10" Android tablets $350+? It makes no sense.

Of course this also begs the question -- why are all the Android phones in the $350+ range. If you can make a speedy 7" tablet with all the bells and whistles and sell it for $200, why is the equivalent with a SMALLER screen and a cheap cell radio go for two to three times as much, if not more?

7" tablets are too damned small, 10" tablets are too expensive, as are phones. Guess I'll stick to my old GS3 and my boyfriend's 10" Galaxy Note 2012. The pricing on this shit is all fucked up and I don't understand why no one seems to have an issue with the ridiculous pricing disparity.

Comment Re:The federation needs to be united. (Score 1) 93

Yes, Michele is Vic's real-life girlfriend. That's the only reason she's on the show. They created the character of ship's counselor, Dr. McKennah, just for her, even though we're told in TNG that ships of the TOS era did not have ship's counselors.

Here's the #1 problem with Continues (and there are many): the magic of TOS Trek was the relationship between Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. Spock is the rational mind, McCoy is the emotional mind, and Kirk is the wise mind. Each character is just as important as the other. But not in Continues. Continues is 100% Kirk, all Kirk, Kirk 24/7. Spock and McCoy are reduced to cameo appearances and a few lines here and there. There is no dynamic between them, no bond. The only one on the ship that Kirk has any kind of meaningful dynamic with is McKennah, who shouldn't even be there.

New Voyages understands the importance of the trilogy and it shows. Yes, some of the early episodes are rough around the edges, but most are 6-11 years old at this point. The most recently released episode, Mind-Sifter, released last year, shows just how far the production has come, and it is top notch. NV shoots for 1, possibly 2 episodes a year because they want to ensure quality. Continues is pumping out episodes as quickly as they can and it shows. The editing is sloppy, the stories are a mess, and unlike NV's 50+ minute episodes (like TOS), Continues' episodes are getting shorter and shorter, with their latest release being only 42 minutes.

Comment Re:The federation needs to be united. (Score 1) 93

Vic once worked with New Voyages and attempted to wrest control of the production from James Cawley and play Kirk when Cawley stepped down. When Mr. Cawley made it clear it would be a cold day in Hell before that would happen Vic ran off and made his own production, starring himself and his canon-breaking girlfriend, Dr. McKennah.

His shills always pop up to denounce the vastly superior New Voyages at every opportunity. Vic has made it his own personal vendetta.

So no, there is no chance these two productions will ever work together, especially since Vic and his legion of lemmings continue to badmouth New Voyages at every opportunity while the NV team says nothing ill of Continues and takes the high road every time. That right there should tell you something.

And watching Vic play Kirk is like watching a bad comic impersonation of Shatner while on helium. Anyone who says he plays a great Kirk needs medication.

Comment It would be helpful (Score 1) 158

If you told us what you wanted to do remotely. Watch video? Browse the web? Play games?

Essentially what you need is what you explicitly state you do not want: a console, Steam Machine, etc. Maybe you could get away with a Raspberry Pi with a wifi adapter and Chrome remote desktop or Team Viewer. It might work for gaming if you can install the Steam client on it, and you should be able to stream video (probably better off putting video files into a shared folder or USB stick and playing them locally).

But no, there is no cheap transmitter-like device that accomplishes solely what you're looking for. You basically need some kind of computer attached to your downstairs TV that can connect to your main machine via wifi. It doesn't need to be an expensive computer, but it still needs to be a computer of some kind, with wifi and USB ports capable of supporting a wired mouse and keyboard. Cheapest solution in my mind is a Raspberry Pi. Next up would be an inexpensive/older laptop or computer.

Comment Well, just off the top of my head... (Score 1) 688

1.) Horrible aesthetic design.
2.) Lack of charging stations unless you're in or near a big city (the only ones around here are at big car dealerships, and none currently at any of the Interstate rest stops).
3.) Short maximum distance coupled with long charge times makes any kind of long-distance road trip a nightmare.
4.) Trading my gasoline bill for a huge increase in my electric bill and realizing I'm not actually saving any money.
5.) Costs more than a comparable gasoline-powered vehicle.

Comment Re:Fuck you. (Score 1) 618

I pretty much agree with your sentiments, and that other people may not think the way I do, and that's cool. Obviously a lot of sites rely on advertising to survive, and since they are surviving *someone* is seeing/watching those ads. It's just not me. And honestly, not to sound like an ass, but as long as I don't need to see them I'm good.

And I'll even admit there are a few (VERY few) sites where I don't block the ads because I want to support the site and the ads are extremely unobtrusive, so I can live with that. I use a lot of ad-supported apps on my phone/tablet, and I'm generally ok with that too so long as the ad is unobtrusive (I remember trying to play Angry Birds and the ads popped up in such a way that made the game impossible to play; deleted that shit real quick and never looked back). I have a buddy who sells a few basic Android apps and originally went with a 99 cent price with no ads. He wasn't getting a lot of purchases and then decided to offer a free version with ads and he makes over 10x the amount of money just from those small little popup ads. So, hey, more power to him.

For now most of the app ads are unobtrusive, but the web was once like that too. When things start to change and get out of control that's when it's going to be time to look into adblockers for my phone and tablet.

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