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'Friendly' Worms Could Spread Software Fixes 306

An anonymous reader writes "Microsoft researchers are working out the perfect strategies for worms to spread through networks. Their goal is to distribute software patches and other friendly information via virus, reducing load on servers. This raises the prospect of worm races — deploying a whitehat worm to spread a fix faster than a new attacking worm can reach vulnerable machines."
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Journal Journal: A new tax idea 4

So far, the fairest tax system we've found is the income tax. It has one drawback though--it slightly decreases certain incentives which is not optimal.

"What we tax, we get less of, and what we subsidize, we get more of. Currently we tax work and subsidize the depletion of natural resources."-Al Gore


Submission Merck to Halt Lobbying for Vaccine for Girls

theodp writes: "Reacting to a furor from some parents, advocacy groups and public health experts, Merck said yesterday that it would stop lobbying state legislatures to require the use of its new cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil, which acts against strains of the sexually-transmitted human papilloma virus. The $400 3-shot regimen was approved by the FDA in June. Later that month, a federal advisory panel recommended that females 11-26 years old be vaccinated. The governor of Texas has already signed an executive order making its use mandatory for schoolgirls."

Submission Zelda Music Reorchestrated with Soundscapes!

An anonymous reader writes: I found this website who's goal is to re-orchestrate ALL of the music from the Legend of Zelda, giving them a high quality, orchestral feel. They have over 200 songs completed and are well on their way, and the songs are TOTALLY FREE! Also, this past weekend they released an album called "Soundscapes", a mix of previously released and/or entirely new ZREO songs and add environmental sound effects to them. This adds a whole new atmospheric element to the tracks. It makes you feel like you are actually in the game! Check them out at http://www.zreomusic.com/

Submission Americans more approving of terrorism than Muslims

Flo writes: "[Sorry for the double-submission... I forgot the link *blush*] An interesting study shows how misleading common prejudices can be:

[...] 46 percent of Americans think that "bombing and other attacks intentionally aimed at civilians" are "never justified," while 24 percent believe these attacks are "often or sometimes justified."
[...]Do these findings mean that Americans are closet terrorist sympathizers?
Hardly. Yet, far too often, Americans and other Westerners seem willing to draw that conclusion about Muslims.

Submission Vint Cerf at Google Speaker Series, India

zakkie writes: "Ajit Gaddam reports on a talk by Vint Cerf, Google VP and one of the people considered one of the "founding fathers of the Internet", held at Hyderabad, India. Cerf discusses the challenges facing Google in particular in a connected world, as well as exploring some potential solutions for both businesses and end-users in dealing with connectivity and security. Cerf also stated that were he to do things over again, he'd have pushed IPv6 over IPv4 right from the start."

Submission MSFT Plays up Open Source

An anonymous reader writes: One of the longest running open source databases — Postgres — has been around for nearly 11 years (I think.) The powerful object-relational database is a direct competitor to other OSS databases, as well as Microsoft's SQL Server 2005. So why is Microsoft promoting it? Thursday, Microsoft's open source software lab posted PostgreSQL on Windows: A Primer. At first, I get Redmond's interest in promoting anything that runs on Windows as a platform. But looking at this week's news: Ian Murdock visits Redmond, Microsoft and Novell announced their technical roadmap & Red Hat joins Microsoft's Interop Vendor program — is something bigger brewing in Bill's backyard? And how does Ballmer feel about this? The post is located at: http://port25.technet.com/archive/2007/02/22/postg resql-on-windows-a-primer.aspx
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Submission President Obama supports AppleGoogle's Purchase

An anonymous reader writes: President Obama Supports AppleGoogle's Latest Acquisition (HeardFirst Newswire) February 27, 2010, Washington D.C. President Obama, answering videomail questions during a Pepsi Rose Garden press conference, expressed his confidence that AppleGoogle 's imminent purchase of both DiggMyDeliciousSecondLife and StumbleFark would only have a positive effect on the net. MS Yahoo filed a legal briefing... http://www.innocentenglish.com/funny-strange-news/ applegoogle-president-obama

Submission MacGuyver In Space: Duct Tape and Tranqs

WED Fan writes: "NASA's contingency plan for unstable astronauts includes duct tape and tranquelizers.

What would happen if an astronaut came unglued in space and, say, destroyed the ship's oxygen system or tried to open the hatch and kill everyone aboard?

That was the question on some minds after the apparent breakdown of Lisa Nowak, arrested in Orlando this month on charges she tried to kidnap and kill a woman she regarded as her rival for another astronaut's affections.

But what if astronaut Homer, eating chips-on-the-fly lets loose a bunch of ants and...?"
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New Version of Xbox 360 Rumoured 102

Carlo Becchi writes "According to Engadget a new version of the Xbox 360 is on the way. The next version of the console is codenamed 'Zephyr', and sports a bigger disk (120 Gb), better manufacturing process (65nm) and HDMI digital out up to 1080p. From the article: 'The 120GB drive may or may not come bundled with the kit, we don't yet know, just as we also don't yet know how much a Zephyr 360 is going to run (we imagine it'll go for the same price as currently so they can keep up a little on their expanding margin).'" It should be pointed out at this point the whole story is a fairly convincing photo and leaks from 'a source'. Take with a grain of salt.
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Virtual Reality Getting its Own Network? 82

loganrapp writes "We've all watched the Matrix, and regardless of how we felt about them, the concept of plugging into a virtual reality appeals greatly to us. It appears that a nonprofit group called the International Association of Virtual Reality Technologies plans to build a network purely for virtual reality. Its name? Neuronet, and the first generation is planned for 2007, with "consumer applications" planned for 2009. There is some fear, however, that the whole thing is a scam."

Never trust an operating system.