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Submission + - Fukushima Leak Finally Patched (

jones_supa writes: "After several unsuccessful attempts, Tepco has announced that the leak of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean has been plugged. They injected 1500 litres of sodium silicate ("water glass") to solidify the crack, from where highly radioactive water had been seeping through and running into the sea. The company still needs to pump mildly radioactive water to sea as all the cooling water cannot fit in the plant's own storages. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano also reminds that the patch has still to be inspected throughly and that the possibility for other leaks remains."
The Internet

Submission + - The first Indian Cartoon porn is officially dead

William Robinson writes: The first Indian porn website has been shutdown after it was banned by Indian government a month ago. Savita Bhabhi, an Indian cartoon porn star born just a year ago, attracted more than 60 million visitors a month. Puneet Agarwal, creator of the web site, who had remained incognito using the pseudonym 'Deshmukh' and who came out openly to save the web site, has finally decided to pull the plug in spite of attempts to save the website by fans over twitter and blogs.

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