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Submission + - India blocks over 800 porn websites

William Robinson writes: The government of India has blocked through a secret order. Among the sites that are banned include some of the world's biggest porn sites like Pornhub and Xvideos. The ban has provoked debates in the country about extreme and unwarranted moral policing by the government. The action has come after the Supreme Court of India had refused to ban porn sites in India.

Comment Re:The Microsoft key!!!! I've never used it...ever (Score 1) 687 687

It does, in Gnome at least (not used KDE in donkey's years, other environments YMMV). This obviously assumes you use a bog-standard keyboard, but you need to make a real effort these days to get one without a Windows key.

Comment Re: They also believe (Score 1) 129 129

Don't be silly. We went from cars to the moon because two of the richest and most powerful countries funneled a significant part of their money, talent, and resorces to make it happen. And had deep pockets to survive multiple failures and ability to spend zillions of dollars.

Compare this to a startup that seems to have equally grandiose ambition but a fraction of the ability and resources.

Nobody is pulling you down from trying any of these moonshot ideas. But if you want people to really believe that you have a good chance of succeeding, you need to do more than have fancy ambitions. Especially if you are asking people to i vest their money and their careers on your dreams.

Too many people are drinking the bay area koolade.

Comment Re: Obvious fail is obvious... (Score 1) 368 368

That is funny and actually true for many audiophiles. The burn in myth.

But i find it interesting that no one called out ars on their shoddy experiment. If you are going to bother going through a scientific ish experiment, at least do it in a better manner.

Someone who buys a "high performance part" would be doing it on a system with other components that are well built. DACs and preamps and power amps and sources with well built power supplies, components with matching impedances, high quality speakers or headphones that offer neutral and accurate audio reproduction. Such as Sennheiser 800s or even studio monitors.

And you use well mastered and well recorded audio that has enough instruments, enough detail, enough dynamic range, enough variety - that you are testing accurately and comprehensively.

If you are going to test a high end car part for example, no matter how hokum it sounds, you will still test it on a high performance car, on a track, and driven by pro or amateur racers. In other words, enthusiasts.

You will not likely put the replacement part in a corolla and ask someone to drive it on neighborhood lanes.

Apologies for the car analogy. But i find it disingenuous that no one has sarcasm and derision when people spend stupid money on cars, parts, components, etc. And there are ricers and there are serious performance enthusiasts, and there are people who will pay a million for a vintage.

But there is a special kind of sneering that happens only with high end audio equipment. I submit that there is a lot of snake oil, as it is in many other pursuits and hobbies as well. But getting accurate audio reproduction is extrely difficult and fiddly. The component setup is extremely fragile in terms of how small inocuous component changes do make audible differences. Good or bad. And that is what some take advantage of.

You can choose where you want to draw the line.. i.e. how much of an enthusiast you want to be. But as in other pursuits, for the true enthusiast, there is often no point of diminishing return. There is only the pursuit.

So be gentle, please!

Comment Re:Is that even worthwhile? (Score 1) 103 103

Is it even worthwhile to use an app like that to save a few cents on gas?

Here in Canada it's generally more then a few cents. In my neck of the woods gas is $1.16/L(~$4.90/gal), if I travel 30km(~18mi), I can buy it for $0.82(~$3.15/gal). Usually I don't use the app, rather I use their website. But their new policy violates a bunch of federal and provincial privacy laws here in Canada, and since they operate Canadian-centric sites, they're going to have to change their policies on it again.

Comment Re:Compustick (Score 1) 157 157

There are tons of super compact PCs available nowadays with Intel and AMD chips. They are larger than the ridiculously small Compute Stick but are still only as big as a few CD cases.

Like this AMD A6 based Zotac ZBOX for example. Fully built up with 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD, AMD HD8250 graphics - can be easily used as a dumb terminal (even as a decent standalone). Then use a remote desktop app to control your desktop. And get a wireless keyboard like Logitech K400 (or its big brother). You will still not be able to game (possibly) but you can pretty much do everything else.

Comment Re:settled cannon for about a decade now (Score 1) 81 81

my question as a linux user is this: two years ago NVidia, after Linus flipped the bird, swore theyd make up for shortcomings in their open source driver. Has this manifested? does the linux open source driver for NVidia trumph the AMD open source radeon driver yet?

Seem like they support a later OpenGL version and more OpenGL features at least:
"Nouveau's NVC0 Gallium3D driver for GeForce GTX 400 "Fermi" GPUs and newer has all of OpenGL 4.0 and is even advertising OpenGL 4.1 compliance as shown by the screenshots I took with a GeForce GTX TITAN on Mesa Git this morning. The Intel i965 DRI driver just has a few extensions to enable for OpenGL 4.0 support as does the AMD Radeon R600/RadeonSI Gallium3D drivers. The Softpipe and LLVMpipe software rasterizers are much further behind and will probably be a number of months before these drivers handle OpenGL 4.0."

As far as performance goes the support for Maxwell (the latest GPU generation) seem to be shit, older ones seem to be doing quite well with 15-70% or so of the performance of the close drivers:

For more recent AMD cards the open-source driver is even worse relative their catalyst driver than Noveau was vs Nvidias and I guess their catalyst driver isn't as good as the Nvidia one either so go figure:

Xonotic 0.8 1080p High:
GTX 680 Nvidia driver: 269 FPS
GTX 680 Noveau: 105 FPS.
R9 285 Catalyst: 207 FPS
R9 285 Mesa: 44 FPS
GTX 750Ti Nvidia driver: 201 FPS
GTX 750Ti Noveau: 19 FPS.

So in that one I'd say the GTX 750Ti + Noveau is doing even worse than the R9 285 + Mesa one.

R9 285 with Catalyst seem to be doing quite well there.

But step back one generation and the Kepler GTX 680 owns them all.

Comment Re:Money Ruins Fun (Score 2) 40 40

It doesn't help that a lot of those pay-for modders, started lashing out at those of us modders who wanted nothing to do with it. That's probably the biggest thing there, if you have access to any of the hidden forums for modders on the mod sites(nexus, moddb, modgames, etc), you'd see the personal attacks that the paid for modding used. Once that started making it out into the general community that pay-for modders were attacking others for not wanting it, the community in general had enough.

Those folks learned the hard way that it's really easy to burn bridges by attacking other content creators, and pissing off mod users.

Comment Re:TOTAL GARBAGE- paid mods work on Steam (Score 1) 40 40

Most people wanting to sell their mods, want to get jobs in game development-- Either as asset creators, scripters, coders, level designers, etc.

Pretty much, for those of us who've been modding for ~20 years on a variety of games we do it because we enjoy doing it and don't want to get paid for it. Rather the only application that most of us have is that our work is recognized, used, and enjoyed. A lot of modders start out because there's xyz missing and they want to add it to the game themselves, that's how I got into modding. That, and there were bugs sometimes serious bugs that need to be fixed but weren't fixed by the developer.

People who are talented will get noticed and picked up by the industry by the mods they make. Others use their mods as a showcase, which works out very well too.

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