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Comment Re:Or just make the diesels hybrids (Score 1) 129

Kinda the sweet spot for hybrid-electric drives, no?

Well trains aren't hybrid electric, but they're diesel driven electric. A few companies like Freightliner and Mack have been messing around with it for a few years, but there's problems mainly to do with the raw torque requirements for trucks, especially on heavy grade pulls. One of the solutions(can't remember if it was Mack or Freightliner), went with both. Diesel-electric for long cruising and diesel drive only for startup pulling and grades.

Comment Re:Good old fashioned crisis management... (Score 1) 218

Seems to me it's closer to paraphrasing. On top of that, the elaborated sentence can also imply that if you know that a crisis exists and you postpone it for whatever reason(time/public backlash/money/others don't believe it's urgent/etc), you can then use that opportunity to implement things that you wouldn't be able to do so before. That also includes implementing things that the general public would find highly objectionable, but would allow in a crisis moment. Or to ram though legislation that would have failed previously.

Comment Re:Don't evolve your business model (Score 1) 215

So because there is a non-zero chance of a third party maliciously infecting a website, you block all ads everywhere?
Why not just not use the Internet at all since any website can be compromised in ways other than ads?

That's easy, websites that serve malware are exceptionally rare. Ads that serve malware are not. Why do you think there's a proliferation of ad blocking software.

Comment Re:Don't evolve your business model (Score 1) 215

When does that actually, and more importantly, deliberately by the web site, happen?

Often enough that if you're letting ads be served to you, you're just waiting to get malware from something. Whether it's via flash, java, javascript, silverlight, css vulnerabilities, or one of two dozen other things.

Comment Re:This is the only answer that matters (Score 1) 373

The thing is that using SteamOS is likely more intimidating than using Steam in Windows. You can still enter full-screen mode and you know the OS and it perform better and many more games work.

Only advantage for the user of SteamOS is that it load straight into full-screen mode but that could easily had been solved with Windows too - I guess.

Even if you're only going to play games one could even say Windows 10 is worth paying for due to the better performance and MUCH bigger game library. Also there's of course ways around that issue.

Personally I have mixed feelings about Steam. I think it seem retarded to add games I could play the DRM-free copy for free of when I have paid for the key and don't really need it. But I do so anyway but I have a hard time justifying it. I purchase lots of games (likely bought like 1 400 steam keys) and playing the DRM-free copies and reselling the Steam keys would had saved me some money (I have no idea what I've spent but I guess it could be $1 000 or more than that too.)

Comment Re:Don't evolve your business model (Score 1) 215

What exactly is the business model for "gimme gimme gimme"? Adblockers have existed before all the JavaScript tracking. Even if it were a simple static image you'd bitch that it was take bandwidth, and even if it were just text you'd bitch it was taking up space on your monitor.
Tracking is just a scape-goat, the real issue is people are self-entitled and too used to getting things 'for free'.

Well first, you can put down the weed. Second, you can then realize that my comment didn't have anything to do with tracking. That, is something completely different.

Comment Re:Hope more companies do this... (Score 1) 314

Great, so I'll expect a consumers bill of rights to pop up saying that any company forthwith that knowingly or unknowingly serves ads which infect a machine with form of malware/keylogger/botnet/ransomware/etc are responsible for damages, removal, and restoration of said individuals software/documents/etc, plus a min. $500 fine payable to said person for time lost.

Comment Re:Target audience (Score 3, Interesting) 215

It didn't work out for the Globe and Mail or the Toronto Star here in Canada, so you'd be right it didn't work. Then again, news papers are bleeding print subs and online viewership everywhere. Mainly because the media is either shilling for their buddies w/o disclosing it, or people can find exactly the same news on 3 or 4 other sites, that don't have a paywall of some kind.

Comment Re:Gamers Know All About This (Score 1) 119

Oh well done. How very smooth.

First you find one nutjob who calls them worse than ISIS (I've not checked---for sake of argument I won't dispute it). You then say "unfortunately isn't cherry picking one example." but move straight on to less and less and less extreme versions.

Makes it look like people comparing them to ISIS is common, without actually saying that. Very well done. Have you considered working as a spin doctor for a political party or as a writer for a newspaper?

Strangely, at least in the cases where the media has printed stuff on Birgingham I haven't seen them say that it's a Muslim only town.

Fox news don't have a print arm so that's not surprising.

In other words, you can't be bothered to look. Even if it's out there, especially when said nutjob has pull in the online media. And then I point out where said media is falling flat on it's face, but you don't seem to have a problem with the media lying through it's teeth. Maybe you can go look up the stuff written by NBC news, where a person named Izzy Galvez called gamergate "domestic terrorists."

But since people are, and are using rhetoric, maybe, perhaps, you should consider you're wrong. That's a difficult thing to consider right? After all, that's not spinning, that's how far the media is willing to go in order to paint a story for you.

I always like it when people trot out the "fox news" type of BS. It usually shows that the person in question doesn't like to consider things that might intrude on their per-conceived notions on something. FYI, we don't have fox news in Canada unless you pay for it on top-tier channels, and since I haven't had a TV in 17 know what they say about assumptions right?

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