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Comment Re:Against the law (Score 3, Informative) 215

Because you said so, right?

Since the courts have said so. Unless you're saying that you don't believe in the rule of law.

Uber provides additional insurance while carrying a fare, and insurance premiums are already assessed for mileage which accounts for the additional mileage between fares.

And that isn't legal in many places of the world. The vehicle itself has to have the insurance coverage directly on it. Which isn't happening.

A worthless thing which does none of the things it is claimed to do.

Except it has a higher level of testing, requires the person to know and understand local laws before passing, and it's a prerequisite in many cases for carriage insurance for taxis. And in many places is the requirement to waive liability in the case where a passenger refuses to use a seatbelt and so on.

It's easy to do people for taxes. But there's plenty of unjust fees and taxes.

Really? I guess that explains why uber drivers aren't paying their taxes as required by law. And why uber is refusing to pay taxes like a taxi company.

False. You're a liar.

Well, I suppose that makes you an idiot who doesn't understand law.

Comment Re:Against the law (Score 2) 215

Yes, but idiots keep pointing out how illegal Uber is without stopping to think about whether those laws are just.

Oh the laws are just, tell me something what part about requiring carrier insurance(including the minimum required for liability), having a chauffeurs license, and operating with a business license and having the mandated tax requirements for provincial/state and federal are unjust. Uber doesn't want to have any of these on their drivers, that's what the problem is.

Comment Re:Only banned in agriculture (Score 0) 113

This is pretty well known stuff. Here's some reading material for you, the ban on DDT was fear mongering nothing more. The estimate is 50m-500m dead since it was banned, there's no solid figures because no one actually knows solidly how many people have died since the ban. But you can do out the math if you really want since 40% of the worlds population lives in areas where you can contract it.

Comment Farming (Score 1) 177

> This will be an interesting challenge for the 21st century, what do we do with all the people who are no longer required to make stuff?

Those people will still need to eat, need a place to stay.The answer is farming - either collective, or individually - everyone has the option to own in a piece of land and grow food to feed his family

Comment Re:Fuel Injection? (Score 1) 300

Meanwhile you've got a bunch of near-explosions whose reactions you're only guessing at constantly happening at the edge of causing damage because you're chasing efficiency.

Yeah that's not chaos and tinkertoys, that's the application of math and science, and the application of programing at the highest level to "make it all work" without causing the engine to disintegrate, rattle itself apart, or through a piston through the block.

Comment Not always true (Score 1) 152

I dislike over generalizations, and while i agree with the theme of the article, this is my objection.

Take the flip side. If you have a programmer developing software in a business area that she or he has no prior training or formal education in or kniwledge of, would you consider that programmer to be useless and worthless?

I suspect the true answer lies somewhere in between, and is also subjective. In a given project team, the effectiveness of an individual (manager or otherwise) is dependant on how well that individual is able to use their skills to help the team achieve their project goals.

That does not mean that every single individual has to technical. It only means that the individual has to be highly effective in what they do, and their effectiveness should be aligned to benefit the team.

For example, if a team is developing an accounting software, a manager who is an accountant could be as effective as a purely technical manager. The accountant manager still needs to understand software and system limits/tradeoffs, but by that token, the engineers in her team aldo need to understand accounting. And if a bright engineer can pick up accounting basics on the fly, then a bright accountant can also pick up technology basics.

Assuming that the latter is not possible is just hubris and snobbery, IMHO.

"The urge to destroy is also a creative urge." -- Bakunin [ed. note - I would say: The urge to destroy may sometimes be a creative urge.]