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Comment: Re:Fox News? (Score 1) 460

by William Baric (#48021315) Attached to: Scientists Seen As Competent But Not Trusted By Americans

A "good" morality? A "higher ratio of" morality? Do you even realize you just showed the world you don't even have a basic understanding of what morality is?

Anyway science is not about (your) arbitrary moral values, it's not about standing up for things we may want, for what we may "believe" or for what we think we "deserve", it is about knowledge and truth. Morality plays a role in how we get this knowledge and what we do (or don't do) with it, but science by itself has nothing to do with morality.

So not only you don't know what morality is, but you don't even know what science is.

Comment: Re:Seems like a circular argument (Score 1) 267

A knife can be used to commit murder. Should we fight knives?

You are obviously wrong when you say surveillance can't exist without the law. Like knives are not used only to commit murder, surveillance is not used only to enforce the law. We all use some form of surveillance everyday to get and verify information and it has nothing to do with us wanting to enforce the law. Even my cat use surveillance everyday and I can assure you it doesn't care much about the law.

Also, I find quite strange that you seem to depend so much on authority to determine what people can do when, at the same time, you pretend to fight for your freedom. Unless you are yourself in a position of authority, it doesn't make sense.

Comment: Re:Why do you hate freedom? (Score 1) 267

When people think of surveillance, it's always with the Orwellian model in mind. The problem with Orwell is that he had no idea something like the Internet would ever exist. He had no idea everyone would constantly have a camera on them, with the ability to immediately share everything with everyone. Because of that, his vision is now more or less obsolete.

So instead of the obsolete Orwellian model, imagine a world where surveillance is so common that even the government or anyone with power, even your boss, is under constant observation by everyone. How can those person screw you?

Comment: Re:Why do you hate freedom? (Score 1) 267

Do you see any freedom taken away because of surveillance?

We are used to hide and lie in order to escape punishment, and of course surveillance will make it a lot harder to successfully hide and lie, but surveillance by itself has nothing to do with freedom. Someone watching you masturbate with pictures of young boys naked will not prevent you from doing it.

What takes your freedom away is not surveillance, it's not even the police, it's the law. Surveillance and the police are just tools, they're not the source of the problem. If you want to fight for your freedom, fight the source of the problem.

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by William Baric (#47783795) Attached to: Canada Tops List of Most Science-Literate Countries

I live in Quebec. On Tuesday, I went to see The Lion King (the broadway show, not the movie). The show was in English, but at one time, after a long monologue from Rafiki in an African language (which was not translated), the actress turn to the audience and asked : vous avez compris?

Not only people laughed (because obviously no one understood), but they cheered for this very simple use of the French language.

We do have some fanatics who are on a holy war for the language, but most of the time the problem comes from English speaking people who act like they are a master race. They act like everyone in the whole world should adapt to them.

Because of your opinion of French speaking Canadians, my guess is you never cared to learn a few word in French. I don't know, something like : je suis désolé, je ne parle pas français, parlez-vous anglais? If you did, if you were ever polite and respectful, you would have realized that most people in Quebec would have greeted you with a big smile and would even have shown you gratitude for taking 5 minutes to learn those few words.

I'm a Quebecer, so you may despise me all you want, but it certainly seems to me that your opinion of Quebecers is only because you're just another fucking asshole.

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by William Baric (#47762593) Attached to: California DMV Told Google Cars Still Need Steering Wheels

I think you are the one doing the hyperbole. Being "unsafe" doesn't mean a guaranty to crash. For example, leaving your front door unlocked while your not home is certainly "unsafe", but that doesn't mean 100% of people who forget to lock their door will immediately be robbed.

I have about 27 years of driving experience and my only accident was a drunk driver who rear-end the car behind me who, in turn, rear-end me while we were both stopped at a red light. I also never had a ticket for speeding or any other traffic law violation (except parking tickets). Yet, I know I'm not "safe". How about you?

Human drivers have proven to be unsafe, there's no doubt about it. Why do you think we are all required to have auto insurance?

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Bringing a single case where a particular brain tumor has caused "uncontrollable pedophilia" to justify the idea that pedophilia in general is just a disease is plain dumb. I also agree some laws are ridiculous, but that's a strawman. Don't use fallacies. It only makes you look like a fool.

Sex drive is one thing, but sex drive is not a justification to rape another person or a child. We all have this thing called empathy which makes us understand the idea that harming someone else is wrong, no matter what our basic instinct push us to to. If the sex drive of someone is so powerful that it makes this person lose his mind, then maybe the solution is to make sure he doesn't have any sex drive anymore. In those cases, castration or a lobotomy is an acceptable solution for me.

Comment: Re:Well at least they saved the children! (Score 1) 790

I don't want pedophiles who rape children or other serious criminals to go in jail for revenge, but simply because they have proven by their actions they are not fit to have a place in society. Also, I find the idea of rehabilitation morally wrong. We live in a world with a limited amount of resources. So each resources we offer to criminals are resources we don't offer to other people. Why a criminal should receive hundred of thousand of dollars in "help" while other people who, in my mind are much more worthy, don't have access to a basic quality life? Why reward criminals?

Don't get me wrong, I know an environment can create a criminal, so I agree some criminals deserves to be helped, but the majority are not a product of their environment, they are just who they are. Thinking they just need "help" is wishful thinking from someone who can't accept reality.

You choose to believe pedophiles suffers from a mental illness. Why? What is your real reason for that. You don't have any kind of scientific basis to proclaim that. So why believe that? Do you know your head enough to know the answer?

Comment: Re:Well at least they saved the children! (Score 0) 790

Saying a child molester needs help is far worse than saying he needs to be put out of society. You are basically saying we must manipulate and change people who do not conform to our ways against their will. You don't want kill or imprison Orwell's Winston, you want to destroy his personality so he becomes a "good" citizen of Oceania. You don't want to imprison Burgess's Alex, you want to "cure" him of his violent tendencies so he can become useful to society.

You think anyone who does not conform to your morale standard is "sick" and needs help? You're arrogant, egocentric and intrinsically extremely manipulative. You condescendingly show "sympathy", but you have absolutely no respect. You say child molesters suffer from a mental illness? Strange, isn't what some people are saying about gays?

You are right, we never choose who we are. We never choose to be a successful entrepreneur or a lazy bum. We never choose to be gay or straight. We never choose to be the epitome of society's morale values or a psychopath who just doesn't give a shit about anyone else. All the choice we think we make are only the result of who we are, no matter how we became who we are.

If someone realize one day he has a tendency to something he doesn't like and wants help, fine, let's do whatever we can to help him (before he commits crimes). Making that choice to be helped is who he is. But if he didn't want to be helped, you can at the very least respect his choice and let him be who he is (in jail).

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All around the world, there are manifestations against Israel. I live in Quebec (Canada) and if I look at the what people post related to what's happening in Israel on our main newspapers' websites (mainly La Presse and Le Devoir...), I'd say a clear majority of native Quebecers (not Muslims) now have an anti-Israel sentiment. I guess the rest of Canada is a bit less anti-Israel, but I'd still say the general opinion is not pro-Israel. If the death toll were higher, the anti-Israel sentiment would probably become an anti-Jew sentiment, which would disrupt our society enough to force Harper to stop his blind support to Israel.

Israel have the military means to kill a lot of Palestinians, but if it did so, it would end up isolated. And without the rest of the world's support, Israel simply can't survive. So I guess the goal of Israel is simply to strike fear among Palestinians. And for that, all Palestinians must think there's no place safe.

Were the attacks on refugee centers voluntary? Did they deliberately targeted a few civilian to send a message? I'm guessing the answer is yes.

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by William Baric (#47503279) Attached to: The Almost Forgotten Story of the Amiga 2000

Nice try, and I'm sure you can impress a few kids who never experienced the Amiga era, but to me you only look like a fool. You know what was really cool at the time? Not a lame Macinstosh emulator board, but having four transputer boards.

Anyway, you just don't get it. Playing Speedball 1 with a joypad in an emulator is completely different than playing the same Speedball 1 with a Speedking on a real machine. Editing a program on a PC keyboard and having it run in an emulator is completely different than editing the same program with an A1000 keyboard and having it run in on a real machine.

It's a bit like the difference between seeing a picture of the Mona Lisa in a book and going to the Louvre to see the real painting.

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