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Comment Re:It's ok.. (Score 1) 315

Which "Canadian French" layout? There are several of them. Windows still have three I can choose from, and that's not counting the ones which were dropped from Windows 95. And seriously, all "French Canadian" layouts suck. It would be better for France (and Quebec) to adopt the Bepo layout, or even better, to use the one the AFNOR promoted in the 90s and which was created specifically because it was thought, back then, that the AZERTY keyboard was bad.

Oh, and while we're at it, we could also drop the staggered key model. But that would require an actual use of intelligence, and that's something humanity is not used to.

Comment Re:Of course its gonna get checked (Score 1) 315

And I'm pointing that you are also an emperor with no clothes. We all are. Like everyone, you are also promoting hate, intolerance and fear. The way you use the pretense of history to justify your own hate is a clear indication of that. Do I blame you for creating your own enemies? Not really. As I said, it's human nature and we all have a need to fight our own windmills.

As for buying a clue, I already did. I saw the hate behind the hypocrisy. I'll certainly acknowledge only a minority of Muslims living in the West would truly (or at least openly) hate you for no other reason than who you are, but Muslims in the West are certainly not representative of the rest of the world. You said you live in the real world? Are you sure? Because I'm pretty sure your circle is not typical. Are you sure you can extrapolate the attitude of your friends to the rest of the world?

As a whole, Christians and Muslims on this planet are really not in the same category when it comes to submission to their own religion. On a more direct note, I never really had problems with Christians for being who I am, but I certainly had with Muslims. Of course not with all of them, like you I have Muslim friends, but my friends are certainly not representative of the Muslim world.

BTW, I don't watch Fox News. I'm not American. I'm an atheist, moderately anti-theists and even anti-capitalist. On the other hand, I'm certainly not a social justice warrior, nor a feminist, so I fight different windmills.

Comment Re:Of course its gonna get checked (Score 1) 315

Everyone is promoting hate, intolerance and fear. For example, that's what you are doing right now when you talk about Christians. Promoting hate, intolerance and fear is simply part of human nature.

Having said that, you are right, saying that someone else is worse is not an excuse. But what you are doing right now is defending Islam, which is a lot worse than Christianity, because Christianity is not all good. That's not a simple fallacy, that's plain crazy.

Let me put it this way : It's now a minority, but still a lot of Christians will condemn you and actively try to ostracize you because of what you are. As for Muslims, the majority of them on this planet will support your murder. You choose.

Comment Re: System working as planned. (Score 1) 232

The idea of being "fair" or not is highly subjective.

Suppose two people are competing in a race with a $100,000 prize. The first one didn't train at all, while the second one trained really hard for six months. That second one even invested money to hire a personal trainer. But despite all the efforts of the second runner, it's still the first one won the race.

Now the question is: is if fair to give the $100,000 prize to the guy who didn't make any effort and won only because of his natural abilities? Or would it be fairer to give the prize to the second runner because of all the efforts he made?


In order to live, we do sacrifice animals. From simple food to medical testing, we don't hesitate to sacrifice an awful lot of living beings. We feel it's "fair" because we consider those animals have less value than a human being. We inherently believe it's OK to sacrifice the living being with the lesser value in order to let the living being with the greater value survive.

So now the question is: do all human being have the same value or do they all have different values? Do some people have more value than others? And if one person has less value than another one, is it "fair" to sacrifice that person with the lesser value in order to let the one with the greater value live?

Morality is subjective. So arguing if something is "fair" or not is just talking about your personal feelings.

Comment Re:don't prevent intelligence because of fear.. (Score 1) 207

Both your points are illogical.

Your first point is that because we are not conscious of ourselves, it follows that we have free will. That's not the definition of free will. After all, if we follow your logic, it would mean that a computer program has free will because it's not conscious of itself.

It's not suggesting that I don't have free will which is a meaningless concept, it's the concept of free will itself which is meaningless as it implies non-causality.

Your second point is that we cannot calculate a possible universe because we could modify it after the calculation. Again, this is like saying we cannot calculate x+3 simply because we could change the value of "x" after finding the answer.

Comment Re:don't prevent intelligence because of fear.. (Score 1) 207

I have no idea how I fundamentally make any of my decisions. I know what argument I will come up with, but I don't know why I think of some arguments and not others. I just do. I also don't know why I will judge some argument as more "valid" than others. I just do (meaning there are "arguments" I'm not even aware I'm having). Because of that, it's obvious to me I don't have any control over my decision making process. So how can I have free will if I don't have any control over the decision process? How can I have free will if I'm not completely aware of myself?

It's completely obvious to me I don't have any kind of "free will".

Also, your hypothesis of contradicting information about your future decision is illogical. If you make a different decision, then obviously the information about your future decision was false. You do not invalidate the prediction, it's the prediction which was false because you calculated a universe where you did not give the information.

Finally, the notion of personal responsibility is only because we wrongly think we have free will and has no importance. Since I don't consider anyone has free will, I judge people on who they are (as indicated by the choices they make) instead of their "choices". In the end, the result is the same.

Comment Re:Lame (Score 1) 400

Awesome? Really?

I loved those movie when I was a kid (except for RotJ, because the Ewoks were already far too childish for a 14 years old boy). I really did.

I watch them again before the release of the new trilogy, this time as an adult, and found the original trilogy to be nothing but movies for kids. Apart from the pleasure of reliving childhood memories, I was seriously disappointed.

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