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Comment: Programming for women (Score 0) 126 126

So I guess the idea is to make the job comfortable to people who need lots of social interaction in order to be able to work? Generally like women? ... And to fuck people who like clear structure and who are better when working alone? Generally like men?

Comment: Re:Atrocity for some is parody for others (Score 1) 96 96

It's great that you assume being a pussy who do not want to "offend" anyone, but I'm not. From time to time, I have to offend people. I have to offend Muslims and other religious people. I have to offend black or Asian people. I have to offend feminists. I have to offend parents. From time to time, I even have to offend white atheist males who do not have kids (although those do not count, since everyone think it's okay to offend them). In fact, I don't know a single group I won't offend at one time of another. You know why? Because I'm not a fucked up pussy who's stupid enough to believe we can all spend our lives riding ponies under a nice perpetual rainbow.

If you're easily offended, fuck you. The more politically correct assholes like you or Google will force me to be like them, the less I'll be.

Comment: Re:Wow, just wow... (Score 1) 490 490

Pink was never a boy's color. As for horses, whether they interest boys or girls depends a lot on how society view horses. It's not horses per se which interest boys or girls, I'm pretty sure most children will be afraid of horses the first time they see one, it's what ideas are associated with horses. Boys and girls value different ideas.

The difference between men and women goes much deeper than just physical strength and having babies. There are differences in brain structure too and it would be surprising to me if that was just a product of education.

Even the transmission of genetic material is not always 50-50 like we used to think. For example, a study published recently shown that copies of DNA from the male mouse were 1.5 times more active for brain, liver, kidneys and lung than the copies of DNA from the female mouse. We can't extrapolate this to say that the intelligence of a child will depend more from the father than from the mother, but this still means we can't assume equality for something as basic as gene expression.

There is now a clear political will to reduce as much as possible gender differences in society. I won't say if it's a good thing or a bad thing socially, but because of that, there is now a clear political will to negate anything, including scientific research, which shows differences between boys and girls.

In the 60s, I would say gender differences were amplified by culture. Men and women were probably not as different as what culture was showing. Today, I think gender differences are minimized. Men and women are probably more different than what we think because of our culture. (Of course, that depends on the society. I'm obviously not talking about Afghanistan here.)

Comment: Re:Read he article (Score 1) 262 262

A caress without consent is legally sexual assault. The fact that it's different from penetration is irrelevant for what I'm saying.

I don't claim anything about Assange. From what I heard, this guy is a douche, so I won't try do defend him. I just fight the notion that everything a man do during a sexual relation must be explicitly consented by a woman. This notion is completely unrealistic.

I particularly fight the notion that women don't have to say "no" as I believe women should be responsible for themselves.

Comment: Re:Read he article (Score 1) 262 262

You have sex with a woman. She gives implicit consent. After sex, you fall asleep together. When you wake up in the morning, you decide to caress her while she's still sleeping. Do you seriously believe this is sexual assault?

If a woman thinks the implicit consent she gives is automatically revoked once she falls asleep, she must either leave to go home (or asked the man to leave if it is her place) or at the very least explicitly say something like "now you don't touch me anymore" BEFORE she falls asleep. If she doesn't, it's natural to believe the consent is still valid.

As for your insult, I came from the cave of men who still have a bit of common sense.

Comment: Re:Read he article (Score 4, Insightful) 262 262

but in a one-night stand, consent should be sought each time.

This is pretty much the view of a prostitute who's charging for each ejaculation.

In real life, consent is rarely explicitly given. When I'm caressing a women, just before penetration I do not ask if I can. As long as she doesn't say "no", I infer she accepts. If I pull out and then start a cunnilingus, I still do not ask for consent. And if after the cunnilingus I start again with penetration, once again I do not ask for consent. I just do it.

If after spending the night with a woman, I wake and feel like caressing her in the morning so she gently wake up, I still don't ask for consent. I don't wake her up first. Since we had sex, since she accepted to sleep with me after sex, I infer the consent is still valid. In real life, sex is based on implicit consent and normal expectations. In real life, once consent is given it must be explicitly revoked, or at the very least there must be valid reasons to believe the consent was implicitly revoked.

Yes, I know misandrists... I mean feminists, are trying to get all the power they can against men. Sorry, but their idea of "consent" is simply a way to abuse men. Feminists can go to hell.

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