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Comment: They will never learn (Score 2) 276

by WillRobinson (#45369755) Attached to: Snowden Used Social Engineering To Get Classified Documents

There are no secrets.. They eventually get out.

What I am curious about, is with all this data they are sifting how come there is nobody from Washington in Jail? You know they are
mostly self serving scumbags.

What bothers me more about all this data, and is never mentioned, is that it is possible now for people who have access to all this
big data, to profit from it on the stock market very easily.

Comment: While I live in Texas (Score 2) 817

by WillRobinson (#41763985) Attached to: Texas Attorney General Warns International Election Observers

First off, if you were going to monitor every polling location in Texas with one person, it would require a army larger than most other nations have.
While I am not going to debate the Texas AG statements, one thing is bothering me.

  If the Constitution has given the states the power to control their elections process within the requirements set out by the constitution, then the Federal Government signing a treaty dictating a process in the election is doing a end around the Constitution
That seems UN-lawful to me, of course my faith in the federal government has waned over the years to, so there is no surprise there.

I have personally been involved in the election process on the inside, and at least where we were, with extreme voter turnout last
presidential election, I saw nothing that raised my eyebrow. If there is any election rigging its beyond the actual voting process itself.
Either by electronics afterwards, or fraudulent voter registration. Neither that would be able to be verified by being on site with anybody.

And as far as the 100 foot rule, they are pretty firm on that. You can be outside at the proper distance and hold signs to your hearts content
but show any brow beating and they will remove you. Which is the right thing to do. I really do not think there is anything to see here in this issue.

Comment: Re:Pry XP from cold, stiff fingers (Score 2) 727

by WillRobinson (#41729731) Attached to: Microsoft Urges Businesses To Get Off XP

I agree, I have quite a few robotic machines running xp, have spent tons of money developing multi threaded C++ programs for them. Just changing to their new development environment, new drivers for the specialized hardware will be expensive. And it just works fine as it is. There is no advantage in speed of
the machines etc.

Comment: Re:It's what happens... (Score 1) 316

by WillRobinson (#41435959) Attached to: Apple Wants Another $707 Million From Samsung

Have you ever been grilled before being on a jury? As soon as they find out you have a analytical mind, they will drop you like a hot potato, they want decisions based off emotions.

Here is my example, in being interviewed the lawyer gave a hypothetical situation and asked for a answer. nobody raised their hand, so I did. He asked for my answer and I told him he did not give me enough information to make an informed decision. He said your exactly right, your dismissed!

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