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Comment whats missing? (Score 1) 456 456

Wjats missing is giving the computersience department at all the schools 50k budget and the origional source code to implement on current hardware. This wpuld be the best use of the funds and save the rest. In fact let each school do a competition and give them a reason to really excel.

Comment DC (Score 1) 597 597

As you know being a RV dweller doing this type of stuff you will have to upgrade the wiring size just to deal with current increase, and circuit break box. The only way would be in new homes.

While this would integrate well if using wind power and solar as a supplement to your home, those homes just using AC/DC will see high loss in total conversion requirements.

Unless your talking conversion to like 48VDC throughout house, or something that would just require half wave conversion and then current control on output into a battery bank as both a buffer and filter.

Comment Re:tethering (Score 1) 112 112

I switched from verizon to sprint, got 20 gig plan, lease two IPhone6+ and got a free Tablet, my bill is 200 a month, 75$ of that is phone lease, got the upgrade anytime thing.. So for 20 gig of data, on 3 devices including all calling and text is 125$ including taxes. I live where there is no cable and wireless internet is nuts due to installation costs. You can tether off any of the devices, I use the tablet as my access point and get good data rates and ping. I was really hoping that their data rate would be more reasonable, I know a few ISP guys and 2$ a gig is normal so I expect that they are are paying the carriers probably 4$ a gig.. Then they have all their internal costs and provisioning etc, so ya figure 8$ a gig with loaded overhead.

Comment Re:Since when is AMT controversial? (Score 1) 179 179

I absolutely agree with you. Looking back and remembering what we thought technology would turn into from the 80's and looking at it today's light, things have gone to hell in a hand basket compared to what we thought these technology's would become. Remembering back to some of the first hacks we read about, I never thought we would be spending so much energy on securing every point, as either someone was trying to abuse the system or our own or other governments and entity's trying to monitor us or steal from us.

I have unfortunately became my own father, "trust nothing you read, trust nothing you hear, and only trust half of what you actually see"

Comment Re:Who eats doughnuts with the doughnut men? (Score 2) 468 468

Yes its nice to be alerted to the police, not just for checking if your speeding. Here in Texas, the law is "The law states a driver must either vacate the lane closest to the stopped emergency vehicle if the road has multiple lanes traveling in the same direction or slow down 20 miles per hour below the speed limit. (If the speed limit is below 25 mph the driver must slow down to 5 mph.) "

Waze does not have listing for Ambulance, or fire truck etc. But you still have to move over, and with traffic here its good to know a mile ahead so you can safely change lanes.

I use it daily, and I wish I had access to the data and do a map of locations where a police have stopped over 30 times a year. That would show every speed trap they use. And they do use those just to make their quota..

I am sure you at least have encountered that situation it one time in your life.

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