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Comment: Re:Doubtful, all of the above. (Score 2) 113

by WillKemp (#49168251) Attached to: Will you be using a mobile payment system?

There is not one single reason why a mobile payment system is necessary, needed, or an improvement over cards.

Yes there is - so a new bunch of parasites can skim off some of your money.

The cost of the new system won't come out of the profits of the retailers - it'll come out of your pocket. Or phone account or whatever.

Comment: Re:Thank you for reminding us. (Score 1) 108

by WillKemp (#49122271) Attached to: Mummified Monk Found Inside 1,000-Year-Old Buddha Statue

It's always puzzled me why so many Christians fear death, when they claim to know they are going to a place vastly superior to this one.

That's because they can only delude themselves to a certain extent. Deep down they know that when they die that's it. Nothing. But they try and believe that's not true. So, of course, because they spend their whole lives desperately clutching a delusion, they never come to terms with oblivion. All but the most gullible ones live their lives desperately fearing reality.

Comment: Re:sexual orientation may be a choice sometimes (Score 1) 249

by WillKemp (#49077133) Attached to: Game Theory Calls Cooperation Into Question

The idea that you make a conscious decision about your sexuality has been debunked so many times it's not even funny.

Unfortunately all theories about the origins of sexuality have been comprehensively debunked. Nobody really has any idea - although plenty of people think they do.

Personally i don't see why it matters. Why should somebody's sexuality be of any concern to anyone else? The only sane reason to care is if you want to fuck them.

Comment: Re:Origin of *Species* (Score 1) 249

by WillKemp (#49077073) Attached to: Game Theory Calls Cooperation Into Question

Unless maybe you are capable of parthenogentic reproduction, something mammals seem to be incapable of.

That's irrelevant. The gp said "Without a species, the genes are dead-enders." - which is always true. Sooner or later something about the environment changes and makes it inhospitable for any given phenotype. The species survives if there are a sufficient range of different phenotypes that some individuls can cope with the changes. That's why potato blight caused famine in Ireland.

Comment: Data plural? (Score -1, Troll) 64

by WillKemp (#49042919) Attached to: Polymers Brighten Hopes For Visible Light Communication

[......] could someday carry those data [......]

Those data? Please keep that sort of language to the pretentious halls of academia! ICT people generally say "that data".

Data is not plural - any more than sand is. You don't say "the sand on the beach are golden", do you? Why not, if you say "data are"? In both cases we're talking about things in bulk, not a collection of individual data items or sand grains.

And what's "data" the plural of, anyway? Not "datum" - the plural of that is "datums", as in

As GPS, a satellite-based location system, matured and became accessible to the public, the need to extend and better define the earth's spheroid and associated datums became more pressing.


Treating the word "data" as if it's plural is nothing but pretentious academic wank.

Comment: Re:Winston Churchill (Score 1) 305

by WillKemp (#49034413) Attached to: Alcohol's Evaporating Health Benefits

Yup, I feel sorry for people that don't ever drink.

When they wake up in the morning, that is the best they will feel all day!!

I know nothing about not ever drinking, but a few years back i went for a year without drinking alcohol (or coffee or tea, etc) - and when i woke up in the mornings that was pretty much the best i'd felt all my life!

Unfortunately, circumstances conspired to gradually start me drinking again.

Comment: Re:All water is recycled (Score 2) 245

by WillKemp (#48753061) Attached to: Bill Gates Endorses Water From Human Waste

A good reverse osmosis system will remove most anything larger than a water molecule... that includes just about any pharmaceutical molecule you'd care to name.

Of course it will. But RO is very expensive and complicated and requires specialised maintenance. It's also not mentioned in TFA (although it could be in the video, i don't know - reading TFA is quite uncool enough on /. - without watching TFV).

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