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Comment: Re:They _Should_ Replace It (Score 1) 180

by WillKemp (#48117291) Attached to: CSS Proposed 20 Years Ago Today

What does it even mean that tables should only be used for "tabular data"? Isn't that a tautology? It's like saying, only pour water on things that are already wet.

No, not even close.

Tables should only be used for tabular data because tables have a semantic meaning. Making layout look like it has some meaning is stupid. If you only ever think in terms of sighted people looking at your web pages, then i guess you don't care. If you care about people using screen readers, etc, then maybe you should care.

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by WillKemp (#48117281) Attached to: CSS Proposed 20 Years Ago Today

[......] 21 floppies for the original version [......]

Not according to the article you linked to. It says there were 13 floppies in series A and 11 floppies in series X. That equals 24.

I have to say i'm surprised there were that many. I first installed Slackware on my Digital HiNote laptop in 1995 - after downloading the floppy images via Digital Equipment Corporation's "FTP by mail" service (my only internet access was via UUCP). I don't remember there being that many floppies. But maybe you didn't need all of them to install a basic system. I installed X that way too, but probably once i'd got the core Linux system up and running, so i probably reused the floppies.

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by WillKemp (#48012807) Attached to: Yahoo Shuttering Its Web Directory

Yeah, for a few years back there, i was constantly amazed at what was on the web. That would have been a bit over 10 years ago and there was hardly anything compared to what's there today. I've been using the web for 20 years now and i can barely imagine (let alone remember) what life was like before everything was online.

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by WillKemp (#47991375) Attached to: South Australia Hits 33% Renewal Energy Target 6 Years Early

As for the Labor government that followed, I can't think of anything they achieved :).

They got the police to pull their heads in a bit. Queensland was a bit less safer if you were Aboriginal or a feral for a few years there.

Under Joh Queensland got: It's last significant new water dams, the Gateway Motorway, new International Airports, James Cook University, Queensland Cultural Centre, Griffith University, the South East Freeway, Captain Cook and Merivale bridges, World Expo 88, 1982 Brisbane Commonwealth Games, etc, etc.

Almost complete destruction of anything remotely historic or attractive in the CBD, the ugliest river bank fuckup in the known world (the riverside expressway). Oh, and a police state. Also, the Great Barrier Reef narrowly escaped turning into a collection of oil rigs.

And the cultural centre is one of the ugliest collections of buildings in Australia. More blind than visionary.

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by WillKemp (#47989307) Attached to: Irish Girls Win Google Science Fair With Astonishing Crop Yield Breakthrough

Further to what ShanghaiBill wrote.....

There is a common misconception that nitrogen fixing crops / organisms add nitrogen to the soil. They don't - the nitrogen goes directly from the rhizobia (nitrogen fixing bacteria) to the plant. If you then plough that crop back into the soil (i.e., green manure), after it is broken down by soil organisms plant available nitrogen will be released into the soil. However, most crops aren't returned to the soil - they're removed and sold. Most of the nitrogen fixed by rhizobia in association with peanut crops will end up in the nuts themselves (nitrogen is a key component of proteins) - which will be removed.

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