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Comment: Re:All water is recycled (Score 2) 245

by WillKemp (#48753061) Attached to: Bill Gates Endorses Water From Human Waste

A good reverse osmosis system will remove most anything larger than a water molecule... that includes just about any pharmaceutical molecule you'd care to name.

Of course it will. But RO is very expensive and complicated and requires specialised maintenance. It's also not mentioned in TFA (although it could be in the video, i don't know - reading TFA is quite uncool enough on /. - without watching TFV).

Comment: Re:I'm amazed (Score 1) 169

by WillKemp (#48743393) Attached to: How Long Will It Take Streaming To Dominate the Music Business?

Also a lot of people aren't interested in hearing the same music throughout their lives like older generations did.

I'm an old(ish) person (56) and i hate old music - i've heard all that old crap far too many times. But i don't live in a city and i don't have internet everywhere and i want mp3s. And i'm quite happy to pay for them - but i won't pay for streaming.

The only Australian mp3 seller (Bigpond Music) has recently stopped operating in favour of a streaming service, which really only leaves Google Play (which is a pain in the arse). Itunes is completely useless if you use Linux, and there's fuck all else as far as i can tell.

Comment: Analogy (Score 1) 303

by WillKemp (#48727113) Attached to: Anthropomorphism and Object Oriented Programming

One of the worst things about OOP is the stupid analogies used to explain it. If the people you're explaining it to can't understand it in abstract, programming terms then they're not worth wasting your time on because they'll be useless programmers anyway. But, of course, it's probably not the audience that's the problem, but the writer - who's incapable of communicating without resorting to stupid analogies.

Comment: Re:About 10seconds. (Score 1) 97

by WillKemp (#48692415) Attached to: My laptop lasts on battery for ...

For the first time in my life, i own a laptop that doesn't have an easily removable battery - a Samsung series 5 ultrabook. Normally i won't buy any device that doesn't have an easily removable battery, but a matt screen is more important and there's not many options when it comes to laptops. It's also the worst laptop i've had (in 20 years of owning them) for battery longevity.

Comment: Re:About 10seconds. (Score 1) 97

by WillKemp (#48679149) Attached to: My laptop lasts on battery for ...

Yeah, mine's lost half its battery life from that. I'm making the effort to run it on the battery as much as i can now. But the problem with doing that is that when you really need to run off battery, the battery's unlikely to be fully charged. That's a serious flaw in laptop battery systems - and one that there's probably no currently forseeable fix for.

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