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1.8 what? If you're talking about deaths, then so what? The difference between 0.0018% and 0.0034% is minimal. But I'm talking about danger in general, not just danger of death. The chance of getting randomly bashed by a gang of drunken thugs on the streets of Kabul is zero - in London, it's high.

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In the UK there is pretty much nothing that can hurt you by way of flora and fawna (bee stings and bramble prickles aside).

Humans are fauna and the UK is the most violent country I've ever been to (I grew up there). I worked in Afghanistan in 06 and 07 and people would comment on how dangerous it was walking around Kabul - I used to answer "not nearly as dangerous as it is walking around London". One difference between the two cities is that if someone kills you in Kabul, it will be for a reason - in London it's just as likely to be because they don't like your shirt.

Real jungles are very tame places compared to that concrete one.

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Oh the idea has merit. It is why it keeps coming up. However, who eats the cost? We do. We as end consumers eat it.

Who do you think will eat the cost of rising sea levels and dried up water supplies? It certainly won't be the companies that caused the problems in the first place. It will be us again. But those costs will be astronomically higher than a tiny little carbon tax.

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No, all of science is debatable. Even Newton and Einstein.

Only if you don't understand science. If you do understand science, you know it's not debatable – but it is falsifiable (i.e., it can be proved wrong, if it is wrong, by reproducible experiment).

You can debate things you don't understand, of course, if you must – and a lot of people do – but it's entirely meaningless.

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