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Comment: Re:Thing is, we know what we have to do (Score 1) 138

by WillAffleckUW (#47770341) Attached to: Climate Scientist Pioneer Talks About the Furture of Geoengineering

There already is climate change. Acidic oceans making shell formation difficult to impossible for baby clams in the NW coastal areas, species migration to higher elevations, entire forests decimated by insects that don't die due to global warming.

But keep denying it if you want. God doesn't care that you ignored his "steward" deal.

Comment: Re:Thing is, we know what we have to do (Score 1) 138

No, not really.

PACCAR (just a few miles away) is already making all-electric and fuel cell (H20 split) trucks, as well as hybrid trucks and biodiesel trucks.

Boeing is already making jets and planes that use 1/2 to 1/10th the fuel to move people and goods. China and almost all First World nations are making high speed trains, and Canada has used fuel cell trains powered entirely by wind and solar along train lines (using battery swap modules) as well as biodiesel ones.

Tractors in the EU and various other nations are made to use biodiesel or fuel cells. We sell it from US/Canadian plants overseas.

We have the technology and the large-scale production capacity to make it.

You just don't get that the 20th Century is over.

Wake up and smell the Adapt Or Die change.

Adapt. Or die.

Comment: Thing is, we know what we have to do (Score 3, Interesting) 138

What we have to do is fairly simple.

1. Stop using fossil fuel. Fairly easy to do this, just end all tax exemptions and artificial subsidies for coal oil and gas. All of them. Then start phasing in retrofits of existing coal plants to use cogeneration (waste heat) and cut coal use in half. Use oil for lubricants. Cut jet fuel use in half using 787s (half fuel use) and turboprops (even less fuel use). Use high speed trains and then battery EV trucks fed by local wind/solar storage for short runs. We know we can do this, we just subsidize the old 18th century methods.

2. Cut energy use in heating/cooling buildings. Efficiency. There's most of your energy use. Passive solar design, put solar cells on roofs, use shades and ceiling fans. We know how to do this and have for half a century. Just expire tax subsidies and exemptions for buildings that don't do this, phasing them out 10 percent a year.

3. There is no 3. It's that fracking simple.

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