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Comment: Re:Sad commentary on publishing in research (Score 2, Insightful) 283

I'm sorry you're stuck in the 18th Century.

Please reset your Apple Watch to the correct date. It's the 21st Century, the year is 2015.

Most PhD and Masters graduates are women nowadays. In many of the top research fields the majority of faculty are women.

Please be advised the culture shock may be severe. But you will get through it.

+ - Sexist peer review elicits furious Twitter response->

Submitted by sciencehabit
sciencehabit writes: A peer reviewer’s suggestion that two female researchers find “one or two male biologists” to co-author and help them strengthen a manuscript they had written and submitted to a journal has unleashed an avalanche of disbelief and disgust on Twitter today. Evolutionary geneticist Fiona Ingleby was shocked when she read the review accompanying the rejection for her latest manuscript, which investigates gender differences in the Ph.D.-to-postdoc transition, so she took the issue to Twitter: “It would probably be beneficial to find one or two male biologists to work with (or at least obtain internal peer review from, but better yet as active co-authors)” to prevent the manuscript from “drifting too far away from empirical evidence into ideologically biased assumptions,” the reviewer wrote in one portion.
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Comment: Nice concept but barriers are the Hiring and Tasks (Score 1) 634

by WillAffleckUW (#49578229) Attached to: How To Increase the Number of Female Engineers

The main barriers I've heard of from young women trying to get into engineering careers have been, and still are:

1. Being hired.

2. Being given tasks that are just as important as the men get.

3. Not getting ignored when they say the same thing a guy repeats a minute later.

That plus sexism.

Just an observation from someone who has worked with women in engineering all my life.

Comment: Something to seriously consider for remote surgery (Score 1) 55

by WillAffleckUW (#49572625) Attached to: Researchers Mount Cyberattacks Against Surgery Robot

As an example, it's very hard to get any MDs or nurses in some of the emptier remote parts of WA, BC, and ID, and at times, even if you could drive it, it's 50-100 miles to the nearest hospital over mountain passes with a heck of a lot of snow where I grew up. Some days the highway won't reopen for a week.

So something like this is way more important than you might realize.

Links aren't that fragile in many of these remote areas, as a lot of our power generation is going on there, so you can piggyback on the transmission line power at very high communication rates, but sometimes you can't even fly there, and the surgery is needed ASAP.

Comment: Most growth in Apple was in China (Score 1) 20

by WillAffleckUW (#49565161) Attached to: Alibaba Looks To Rural China To Popularize Its Mobile OS

The platform restriction of the Alibaba mobile OS is competing with the Apple mystique for their mobile OS. Since we can measure Apple sales of mobile units, we see a sharp spike in sales in China, and thus Alibaba may not do as well with this approach as they might have otherwise.

Until they get the powers that be to block Apple, of course.

+ - Groupon refuses to pay security expert who found serious XSS site bugs->

Submitted by Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson writes: Bounty programs benefit everyone. Companies like Microsoft get help from security experts, customers gain improved security, and those who discover and report vulnerabilities reap the rewards financially. Or at least that's how things are supposed to work.

Having reported a series of security problems to discount and deal site Groupon, security researcher Brute Logic from XSSposed.org was expecting a pay-out — but the site refuses to stump up the cash. In all, Brute Logic reported more than 30 security issues with Groupon's site, but the company cites its Responsible Disclosure policy as the reason for not handing over the cash.

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