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Comment Re:Just bought my first Windows 10 box (Score 1) 155

True. Even when you think you turn off "privacy stealing", it still sends your info to the cloud and that is reported automatically to MSFT. It's in the cloud terms, so you can't find it.

Even Enterprise is leaky. You have to run in private cloud (internal net storage) mode to avoid privacy leakage.

Comment Two versions people actively avoided (Score 1) 155

Seriously, unless you had a laptop, there is no sane person that liked either Win 8 or Win Vista.

"Lowered expectations"

Show me the final cash non-renewal sale dollars at retail after returns.

It's an epic fail. You can see it in the unit flows.

Adding in "free" upgrades does not mean sales.

Comment We will have cheap fusion in 20 years (Score 1) 394

Oh, wait, that's what they promised me at Expo 63 when I was 3 years old, along with flying cars and jetpacks.

(yes, I know here at the UW we have a working fusion generator, but I'm just pointing out that research does not always mean commercially available in wide distribution)

Realistically, we might see it soon for naval ships and submarines and certain military uses like powering our drone-killing laser systems, but you probably won't see it until 2050 at the earliest anywhere you care about.

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